Ferrari California (2014)


CARBARN | Ferrari California (2014) | 2014 Ferrari California is one of the largest models of its own Ferrari. It represents 70 percent of total sales in 8000 Ferrari units sold in the market. People always recognize that the hard Ferrari supercar with clean lines and curves. People are hoping that the new edition of California can accommodate their needs in a reliable and flexible design to have.


Under the hood, Ferrari California in 2014 will be played at the same turbocharged V8 engine is installed by engineers on future models of Maserati Quattroporte and GranTurismo. If you think this vechile is designed Pininfarina, you're completely right. California will have a Ferrari in Maranello Centro Stile. In addition, Flavio Manzoni states next vechile, which is made on the basis of inspiration in the 1960 Ferrari 250GTO. Some design elements taken from the Ferrari Enzo and F12berlinetta. We hope that 2014 Fearrari California will be more powerful, cleaner and more active travel on the highway. 

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