Citroën C4 L (2013)

CARBARN | Citroën C4 L (2013) | First Class Travel In line with the brand values, the Citroën C4 L has been designed with the comfort of passengers in mind. Occupants brings unrivaled wellness segment, with generous rear legroom, thanks to the longest wheelbase in the segment (less than 2.71 m, about 10 cm of the new Citroën C4, and extremely comfortable seats have rear bases surrounding 29 ° tilt and seat backs, depending on the country's head "comfort" rests for travel first class in a salon-like atmosphere.

The Citroën C4 L also benefits from a high degree of thermal comfort and, thanks to the cab of a pure atmosphere airquality management system, an air conditioner with three settings and air flow, depending on the country, an air ionizer . Acoustic comfort is also strong, with noise-optimized (glued to the outside noise of road noise filtered). For the safety and wellbeing of all passengers, the Citroën C4 is L, depending on the country, available with advanced technologies, such as hands-free start-up, a fully heated windshield, a rearview camera to make parking easier, automatic wipers / windshield headlight, dual function Xenon headlamps and a touch screen GPS system.

Citroen C4 suspension settings tuned to L to give you maximum comfort, grip and feel the unique Citroën road. Bumps and potholes are absorbed masterfully to the front and rear passengers alike.

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