Bentley Continental GT Speed (2013)

CARBARN | Bentley Continental GT Speed (2013) | Bentley is launching a new flagship performance, its production model faster than ever, but Bentley Continental GT Speed coupe. The new 205 mph (329 km / h) GT Speed is aimed at driving enthusiasts who place a high value performance management total LIMS Project No. differentiated and luxury sportswear. At the heart of the new Bentley Continental GT Speed is an up-rated version of the Bentley says that only 6-liter 48-valve, four cam, turbo W12 engine rates. The 0-60 mph sprint in just 4.0 seconds and sent (0-100 km / h in 4.2s) and Bentley Continental GT Speed has a top speed of 205 mph (329 km / h). Immense power is a new report to speed the closure of Fashion, ZF eight-speed automatic transmission.

The extreme performance fee Channel Bentley Continental GT Speed is a special Melody chassis, including steering and suspension over the demotion and systems. Commenting on the new GT Speed, Wolfgang Dürheimer, Bentley's Chairman and Chief Executive says: "For nearly a decade, Bentley Continental GT luxury at the top, high-performance engine and only Grand Touring The W12 has become so successful cylinders and now Bentley is the world's second largest producer of 12. The new GT-speed sports such as rigid character vegetables boy, and defends this position continued to increase the overall appeal of the Continental Cupe. 

The new Bentley Continental GT Speed offers levels of performance without compromising comfort Department Heads, elegance and quality craftsmanship. Prior to delivery this fall, the Bentley Continental GT Speed makes his international debut in 2012, Goodwood Festival of Speed prestigious No. 28 to 1 June to July. Modern-day Bentley Boys Juha Kankunnen Guy Smith and Derek Bell drive a preproduction GT Speed The Hill Goodwood twice daily.

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