Renault Espace (2013)

CARBARN | Renault Espace (2013) | All strong, they were not helped by the success of the Renault Espace Forge to the latest version, including a large cabin space and a modular layout, and the level of comfort and visibility, we appreciate all occupants. The new seven-seat MPV Renault Espace continues to offer a broad segment of the occupier - the cockpit, including seven complete seats and sunroof well-lit interior, with an excellent starting point. To facilitate maneuvering and parking, the new Renault Espace is available with reversing camera.

Interior new Renault Espace can be rearranged at will to provide the highest level of comfort for seven occupants. New Renault Espace, which is produced at the Renault plant-Sandouville (France), Renault has a warranty of design, construction, and a dynamic quality and the materials chosen to keep the model as an embodiment Modern French production, high-end luxury. "During a career spanning 28 years, Espace Renault won the extremely high number of loyal customers, with sales exceeding 1.2 million units of the model in Europe. At the time of its launch in 1984, Renault Espace MPV was a revolutionary concept, which was the result of cooperation between Renault and Matra.  Model is the embodiment of the Renault-'s "The Living Cars" ("machines for living) slogan.

1996 - Space III: The third generation model space, we have grown in overall dimensions. An expanded version, Grand Espace (27cm plus), introduced in January 1998. At the end of cooperation between Renault and Matra Espace III of this model.

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