Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 4Matic (2013)

CARBARN | Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 4Matic (2013) | A number of innovative safety features of Mercedes-Benz are available for the first time on the GLK, including routine care Assist driver and optional Distronic Plus with Pre Safe Brake, Active Blind Spot Assist and Lane Keeping Assist activity. The new electrically assisted steering also allows additional active parking assist. A new option for the 2013 GLK model, blind spots Assist uses radar sensors selected to monitor the blind spot behind the vehicle. Whenever a turn signal is activated by a car in the dead zone, the driver receives an audible and visual warning. For the first time the GLK, optional Distronic PLUS adaptive control system Cruise uses radar sensors to maintain the set distance behind the car ahead of the next. The system can actually slow the car to a stop and accelerate again. Near the 24 GHz radar sweeps the first 66 meters in a fan-shaped pattern of 60 degrees, working in conjunction with a narrow beam of 18 degrees-77-GHz radar.

All vehicles are equipped with system optional radar-based Distronic PLUS reap the fruits of another revolutionary feature safety Mercedes-Benz Pre Safe ® brake. To reduce the severity of the accident, the latest version of Pre Safe brake automatically applies braking in emergency situations. When the braking system Pre Safe senses impending collision with Distronic PLUS, a system of three tonal sounds a warning. If the driver does not react with full force braking begins 0.6 seconds before the collision, reducing the impact and effectively acting as an "electronic crumple zone". The new electromechanical steering assistance helps make a very dynamic GLK SUV, but also enables advanced parking Assist, which operates with Parktronic ensure stress-free parallel parking. If the car is parked with Parking Assist active, the system can also provide useful auto exit. 

If the driver says "yes", the system automatically adjusts to exit the car while the driver operates the accelerator and brake. In contrast to the relatively soft forms of other similar vehicles, shock, angular nose GLK sets it apart from competitors. Like almost all Mercedes-Benz GLK features four-wheel independent suspension worthy of a sports sedan. Standard Control suspension Agility offers the advantages of both hard and soft shock. 

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