Opel Astra OPC (2013)

CARBARN | Opel Astra OPC (2013) | Opel has a powerful package of chassis, especially the transverse dynamics and the quality of treatment for his superb new Astra OPC based, in addition to its powerful 206 kW/280 hp, 400 Nm engine designed. The frame mechatronic FlexRide, which has particularly improved and developed OPC needs and offers the driver the damping characteristics and driving demands, is the main ingredient in the framework for high performance. While the traditional Astra FlexRide you can choose between a standard adaptive setting, choose a more comfortable tour and the sport mode, which is designed Opel Astra OPC system for those who enjoy a sporty ride. The Opel Astra OPC drivers can choose between three different modes, each mode has a unique and specific high-performance driving. In the meantime, how OPC provides the driving experience: the steering is more direct than the Sport mode, throttle response is faster and the adjustment of the frame is oriented to achieve maximum performance. The lights on the instrument panel lights up red to indicate that the machine is in OPC. For better control of possible stroke, the control ramp submode further stiffening the damping, so that the wheels are in contact with the road surface immediately after a brake for the optimal control.

Compared with the 1.6 Turbo Astra GTC (132 kW/180hp), OPC engineers stiffened the springs lowered standard of around 30 percent and the vehicle for another ten millimeters and brings the car closer to the road. The elastic-kinematic nature of these mountains steering increases agility through support in the event of extreme lateral forces in tight turns. The Opel Astra OPC comes with proven HiPerStruts Struts (High Performance). OPC engineers has evolved from Astra MacPherson struts standards to the new architecture HiPerStrut front suspension that puts the driver first place and maintain a high degree of comfort to create. 

It reduces the tendency of the pin 44 percent and reduces the length of the spindle (kingpin offset) of 46 percent reduced with a lever arm. The reduced tilt of the pen means less loss in camber curve and thus an improved grip levels, with a higher power curve and a greater linearity curve. The shorter length of the spindle motor torque reduction reactions, the sensitivity on the road and tire shake flop. In addition, links to Watt, who has been tried and tested in motor sports on the back of the Opel Astra OPC is installed and connected to provide a connection with the crankshaft and excellent lateral stability and steering precision, especially when cornering. The system ensures that absorbed 80 percent of all lateral loads through the rear suspension. To convert the power of the new Astra in an efficient driving, the front axle is equipped with a mechanical limited-slip differential fins. If a turn of the front wheels, the two packages in the disk clutch and differentiated work as a unit under a clearly defined resistance. 

In the case of the Astra OPC, the ramp angle of 45 degrees was chosen for the acceleration. Opel has developed a completely new air intake system to improve the dynamics of air flow, reduce further the pressure loss and thus increase the efficiency of the engine. The geometric cross-section of the inlet channel is significantly increased. The air filter window that the air filters was increased in terms of volume. It also reduces the extended field noise. The filtered air is passed through a moisture sensor in the air filter. Opel is the first automobile manufacturer to use such a sensor in a production vehicle. CO2 emissions 14 percent less than the previous Opel Astra OPC (221 g / km), while the lower fuel consumption by 12 percent (9.2 liters). When the engine is already Astra OPC 400 Nm of maximum torque available at 2450 rpm (an increase in torque equivalent of 25 percent to its predecessor Opel Astra OPC, the device noise reduction is very important. The advantage of the hissing sound resonator, the driver, the maximum torque of the engine torque plateau early and a large, low noise and vibrations. Other features are typical OPC shifter and aluminum sport pedals with rubber studs, coated for better adhesion of the foot. 

Black roof lining, floor mats with the logo and exclusive OPC edge nubuck with reflective strips, a special function for sewing customer.Exclusive door trim in OPC Arden Blue or Pearl Cool in the cabin give the interior the atmosphere and premium sports. Polls show most are the Astra OPC Clients men in their early thirties, who lead a very active lifestyle. Instead, the owner of the Astra GTC tend to be in his forties, suggesting that OPC appeal to a younger segment of customers. Among them are many motor sports enthusiasts who enjoy the thrill of driving a high-performance sports coupe like the Opel Astra OPC. About 70 percent of OPC clients opt for the 20 "instead of the usual 19" aluminum alloy wheels. This is further evidence that the typical customer Astra OPC of athleticism and unique trim levels. The exclusive OPC performance training offered by the fall of 2006, are very popular among pilots ambitious and far-booked in advance. They are open not only to the driver or owner of Opel OPC models, but also for drivers of all makes of vehicles. Participants learn the dynamics of the OPC models to use in a controlled and safe by a professional team of instructors under the watchful eyes of former Opel works driver, champion of the Le Mans and the brand ambassador Joachim Winkelhock. 

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