Peugeot Onyx Concept (2012)


Car Barn Sport | Peugeot Onyx Concept (2012) | Strong body screams with a striking contrast of materials and colors. Handcrafted by master doors and a sheet of clean copper. Onyx alive! As regards the other body panels, these carbon fibers, painted matt black. The flow separates and some into the heart of a car that runs inside the body and structure to supply the engine with air. Completion Peugeot Onyx concept of beauty, the taillights are light signature with three claws is characterized by Peugeot. They also support small spoilers which direct the flow top and side. These reconnect away from the body to reduce drag. CD with 0.30, the aerodynamic effects Onyx is inversely proportional to its visual impact. The relationship between the experience and future concept Peugeot RCZ Onyx includes real tribute through the roof of the "double bubble" and aluminum arches. With full transparency, revealing the structure of carbon fiber and the interior, windows and roof are made of PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate).

Silhouette Onyx vayaetsya sweet, sensual, but also living and technology. Since the first sketches I wanted to create a showcase of technical excellence and craftsmanship, combining elements showing a high aerodynamic performance lamps Black Diamond and body panels copper hand carved. " Sandeep Bhambra Onyx Outdoor Stylist Car chassis is an innovative experience developed with Peugeot Sport and groups of research and development. Monolithic carbon in the central structure consists of 12 pieces. It includes front and rear stretchers, which can eliminate the associated plates. Torsional rigidity and weight-optimized design of almost 100 kg. Bolt on a carbon fiber chassis, 3.7-liter V8 HDi FAP hybrid and suspension are all experiences of Peugeot Sport, acquired and confirmed on the world's roads.

With specially developed Michelin tires, 275/30 front and 345/30 rear, 20 "wheels to see them is at the center of the structure of the double wishbone and council controlled suspension, both front and rear. Intelligent technology HYbrid4 recovers kinetic energy which is normally lost during braking. To achieve this, the concept Peugeot Onyx floor flat carbon fiber, which creates a powerful floor. Braking is provided by four carbon discs, 380 mm front and 355 mm at the rear.As a result, clean interior, near the driver and passengers.

Carbon for high performance copper and glass tradition, felt and paper, natural and use every day. This creates a cocoon around the driver and passengers as defined in the carbon structure visible in places, performs the functions performed in recent years components: noise, soil, overhead console, roof seats. Warm and soft felt derived from ancestral traditions. Obtained from boiled wool, with interwoven fibers, this material is fully recyclable and provides excellent insulation. C. superb recording material, it protects fragile items. In most of the dashboard speed, engine speed and vehicle metal parts appear or disappear as the keys of a piano. The hybrid engine, this indicates digital displays. A switch panel installed in the aluminum roof including the starter switch of the motor.

As the console tree has a unique log fuel indicator formed from blown glass master. Finally, the control console dual zone air conditioning, aluminum bar with chopped pieces of decoration. Onyx Concept Peugeot, like its predecessors has been Peugeot concept, pays skills of engineers and talented designers, new technologies and innovative materials to create stylish designs with high performance that inspires excitement and opportunity, while providing overview of the object of thought to the future.
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