Peugeot RCZ Coupe (2013)


Car Barn Sport | Peugeot RCZ Coupe (2013) | In this very specific market segment sports coupe "enthusiasts" attractive car with unique style personality, dynamic and athletic ability also known innovation. Rejuvenation Peugeot RCZ can be seen from the first on his style. The new grille emphasizes lower air intake, which extends on both sides of the unique light signature, visible both day and night. New Peugeot RCZ has an expression with smooth contours, both modern and technical, new headlights with halogen available with aluminum background or directional xenon version with the background of titanium.

Weighing under control, carefully designed aerodynamics and modern engine technology, Peugeot RCZ has established itself as an innovative combination of performance, but also in relation to the environment. Expressing all of Peugeot expertise in terms of grip, Peugeot RCZ receives request driving sensation accurately and get the highest level for the brand to improve all senses of the driver. It features an upgraded suspension and tires from platform two (pseudo McPherson front suspension, rear suspension with torsion beam).

Finally, when the Peugeot RCZ THP 200 engine is equipped with front suspension includes a large centers and special fittings lower improve driving, making it more flexible and help stability when cornering. "Acoustic signature engine has also been improved with the help of technology" Sound System "(standard on Sport THP 156 manual and sports and GT THP 200 models with gasoline engines). Enhances sound of the engine is controlled by the diaphragm sound and noise, vibration stronger than engine speed while accelerating recovery, but it is less pronounced more regular driving. Striving to be at the top of this range is exclusive, dynamic and sporty, 'RCZ Concept R' was presented at the Paris Motor Show matte black outfit copper echoes another concept car presented at the show . supercar "Onyx".

Preview RCZ Concept R 'future versions more sportiness to be presented to the range in late 2013. PSA Peugeot Sport development teams and groups work together to adopt technology from the world of motorsport for production cars are ready again to turn the dream into reality. Its new 1.6-liter THP 260bhp engine will make it the most powerful production model in the history of Peugeot. Special signs of external and internal treatment improved version with high performance guaranteed to provide intense sensations of driving.

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