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Car Barn Sport | Audi RS5 (2013) | RS5 will finally be done in America. This is only the fourth Audi RS designation, to be there with the top of the hardware turn-key, and it's hard to overstate what this means for auto-believers Quattro. In fact, postmodern sporting bone Audi, introducing the all powerful all-wheel drive four-seat coupe in the world who does not know how bad it is needed. Now, several decades later, RS5 elaborate Quattro GmbH and Audi, the message seems to Scrappy spirit of the original Quattro for the body of a modern sports coupe. Inside, you get the usual well-equipped interior Audi, including the great seats, legible instruments and thick, flat bottom steering wheel, your choice of black people. There is also the possibility of adding Audi Connect, Google Earth in the navigation system.

Audi fives are not the most convincing form, just a decent clean lines, but the RS has a thin wheel arches, bigger engine and the brake vents, honeycomb grille, front and rear diffuser and oval tailpipe finishers, the car will be more aggressive and, frankly, more than a full picture or S5. Ceramic brakes are standard on the front tremendous amount ($ 6,000 in this case), such as the five-spoke 20-inch wheels on our test car, which we love. Of course, this device down through all four wheels Quattro system, in this case Audi's "sport differential," the new crown gear center differential rear 40:60 split of the time shift, which can send up to 85% of the available relating torque to the rear wheels.

Use this power and torque: Yes, it received 450 hp and 317 pound-feet of its atmospheric Audi 4,2-liter V-8. Now the speed to 8300 rpm and generates a positively beautiful growling chest arms, when stung, is not it the most powerful engine Audi has. It's not even the most powerful V-8, which, of course, a 4-liter twin-turbo Audi argue strongly that they do not plan to enter RS5. When asked about this decision carefully questioned Quattro GmbH Stephan Reil, Head of Development, for all purposes father RS5, simply said: "There is no engine speed is more emotional than natural, naturally aspirated V-8.

Now keep in mind that Mr. Reil this wisdom in connection with Raceway in Sonoma, where the agenda has been judged RS5 compete restrictions in the labor market after a few hours away by some of the most beautiful streets in the creation. This is ridiculous, as that car was built by shares DNA with one of the most innovative, flexible and reliable rally cars ever, and we are definitely not recommended to break away in the vineyards to see it in search of a special sense of style accommodation. So, of course, due to the almost perfect surface, RS5 is quite a brilliant car. As a result, the car in a simple and neutral fashion, and turned dizzy.

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