Volvo S60 T5 AWD (2013)


Car Barn Sport | Volvo S60 T5 AWD (2013) | This beautiful mountain views? Low blood pressure can actually counteract the hunger for mountain hiking, mountain biking downhill moguls or single-track. Despite existing for decades, especially in the performance-minded car, the car industry is only now catching on the virtues of turbo power in the real volume - particularly for fuel economy and emissions gains. But the benefits of turbochargers and have never lost in the mountains motorists.

The Swedes at altitudes up entirely separate, it's no surprise that the Turbo Power has long been a staple of the Volvo powertrain line-up. In fact, the current generation Volvo S60 rolls into its third year of the model of the best selling model of the company, and had the power turbo from birth. Since Volvo has finally provided the volume with T5 AWD model, tweaking the line five-cylinder engine.

While the body of the S60 is the same for 2013, Volvo has upgraded five-cylinder turbo, which in turn produces 250 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque in normal driving (at 10 seconds overboost torque swells 295 pounds-feet in two six-speed) . Although no change in the figures of power, Volvo has added a new crankshaft and pistons, a higher compression ratio of 9.0:1 to 9.5:1 and reduced internal friction, all with the goal of better handling and performance . Also new is a modified version of the engine management system that the engine torque range is extended to 4,200 revolutions per minute, and a reprogrammed six-speed automatic gearbox swaps faster in Sport mode. The S60 T5 0-60 time of 6.8 seconds and then runs in front-drive capacity to 6.4 or 6.6 for the all-wheel drive models like ours.

To handle the power, Volvo offers the fifth-generation Haldex AWD with the T5 engine for 2013 of $ 2,000 as an option. In normal driving, torque is distributed 95/5-percent front / rear, but depending on the circumstances of traction and gas inlet, the power can be divvied up 50/50, as will be a launch difficult. Despite the addition of Volvo's Corner Traction Control system (read: tech electronic Torque Vectoring), a handful of very tight hairpin turns are not strong the S60, as the front end washed out safe and predictable understeer. However, the Volvo was different in the home area of Utah, with well-controlled movements of the body, good steering response of 17-inch Continental rubber and a general feeling of precision.

Manual transmission option would be nice, too - is absent in the various S60, unlike rivals from Acura, Audi, BMW and Infiniti all offer some sort of manual gearbox. The driver-floating center console is tilted, even with the vents funky asymmetrical, but well thought out icons HVAC controls. Even if I have the S60 has only six reports, the all-wheel-drive S60 is in the middle of the hunting efficiency of the fuel. Our T5 AWD is EPA rated at 20 miles per gallon city and 29 highway, while the network model FWD 21/30 figures, an increase of one mpg.

Being a Volvo, safety systems are expected to be front and center, with the usual alphabet soup of electronic overseers with City Safety as standard (read: collision detection with automatic braking) and option packages that include everything from Drive Control Alert (drowsiness sensor) and LDW (Lane Departure Warning) for automatic headlamps and the RSI (Road Information Sign) detection, a system that the forward facing camera uses the signals to read and the results are displayed in the instrument panel to a minimum. T5 FWD models start at $ 31,750, rising to $ 33,750 for the AWD. Our sample included a group of White Ice $ 2,200 Premium trim (leather, moonroof, keyless go, power passenger seat, auto-dimming rearview mirror) and climate package (heated seats and windshield wash nozzles, rain sensor wipers, pollen HVAC filter), 375 U.S. dollar rear spoiler, $ 250 17-inch alloy Njord and $ 895 for destination charges, bringing the total to $ 38,170. 
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