BMW Active Tourer Concept (2012)

Car Barn Sport | BMW Active Tourer Concept (2012) | The new BMW Concept Active Tourer combines compact size and attractive design and sporty, with the characteristic of BMW. With a total length of 4,350 mm, a width of 1,834 mm and an overall height of 1560 mm, the Active Tourer Concept BMW focused on the premium segment customers who appreciate a high level of comfort, a high seating position and plenty of space . With its harmonious proportions of elegance Tourer Concept BMW Active sports from all angles. The exterior painted with exclusive high-reflection silver adds to the sophisticated look of the BMW Concept Active Tourer. The BMW Tourer Concept will remain active without doubt the typical BMW expressive front view. Gemini owners flashy LED Lighting (eyebrows) to far in the side panels and the front bumper with multiple facets combined with the presence of the BMW Concept Active Sports Tourer strengthen.

Opening ports integrated in stark contrast to the side frames are growing shadow line in combination with large 20-inch wheels of the BMW Tourer Concept shows its sports and elegant. The projection of the body short at the front and rear shed and internal data extremely large compact dimensions outside of the vehicle. The high roofline and large access doors and promise for all rear seats. Meanwhile, the rear part of the Tourer BMW Concept characterized by active athletic elegance. Marking, horizontal body lines define the rear view of the BMW Compact. Large rear well run in the side panel highlights the wide wheel arches emphasize the road holding of the vehicle visually solid. The tailgate of large size with low loading height and wide opening allows an easy access to the boot. The interior of the BMW Active generous Tourer Concept is transparent and refreshingly new.

This creates a very elegant overall impression and light on the front of the interior. The BMW Concept Active Tourer offers a new sense of space. This arrangement allows for maximum legroom for the driver and front passenger. The BMW driver-focused pilot seal provides optimum access to all commands. The circular instruments in black panel technology in the field of vision of the driver, such as the monitor of the display panel. Rear passengers also enjoy comfortable seating Tourer BMW Concept Active. A special attraction of the BMW Concept Active Tourer is the multifunction display of the instrument. Instead of a conventional instrument panel with four analogue round the driver information on speed, engine speed, fuel level and oil temperature has to offer, a 10.25 inch integrated display allows you to display modern living.

For example, the display unit mode of experience COMFORT, ECO PRO indicators SPORTand and striking colors, ensuring greater safety and efficiency, but also the orientation towards the driver model. The drive of the BMW Tourer Concept follows the philosophy of pioneering activities of the BMW Group of sustainable mobility. The BMW car all plug-in hybrid models and electric models BMW BMW eDrive port designation, a term that includes all components of the electric drive covers. The BMW Concept Active Tourer is designed as a plug-in called hybrid - ideally combines the advantages of the electric motor with a traditional combustion engine. The plug-in hybrid (PHEV = Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) will have a particularly important role to play in the future.

In the case of the Tourer BMW Concept Active, a state-of-the-art engine of 1.5 liter gasoline family BMW Group Efficient Dynamics engine passes without solution of continuity by a synchronous electric motor. The BMW Concept Active Tourer has a concept of unity that is new for the brand BMW. The 1.5 liter petrol drives the rear wheels - as has been the case with BMW so far - but the front wheels. The electric motor of the BMW Concept Active Tourer is designed as a power in its own right and works on the back, if necessary, start the machine. With a system power of more than 140 kW/190 hp, the combination of combustion engine and the electric motor, the active ingredient Tourer BMW Concept in performance really very sporty to realize that fuel consumption and emissions are extremely low.

In addition to performance data convincing, the innovative drive concept also offers the driving BMW Concept Tourer causes a reaction that is comfortable and dynamic. The engine of the new BMW Concept Active Tourer is a new cutting edge 1.5 liters BMW Twin Power Turbo technology. Derived from the award-winning 6-cylinder with BMW Twin Power Turbo technology, combines the latest generation High Precision Injection with fully variable VALVETRONIC valve and ultra-modern turbo. he new 3-cylinder engine in the BMW Concept Active Tourer is one of the first representatives of this new generation of engines. The compact in-line engine is a combination of dynamism and exemplary efficiency. The new BMW 3-cylinder Twin Power Turbo features special advantages: quiet operation, power accelerating, the spontaneous response and sporty sound and dynamic.

As part of the strategy of Efficient Dynamics BMW Group, BMW Active Tourer Concept also features a special package oriented plug-in hybrid to increase efficiency. The BMW Concept Active Tourer is equipped with ECO PRO mode is also available in the latest BMW models in series production. In appropriate opportunities, ECO PRO mode reduces the power of the air conditioning and other amenities inside has electric motor, ensuring the drive components operate with maximum efficiency, based on the current situation on the road. ECO PRO mode the driver also offers valuable advice. ECO PRO mode can also be activated mode called cabotage two levels between 50 and 160 km / h.
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