Jaguar XF (2012)

CARBARN | Jaguar XF (2012) | Carbon fiber also replaces wood on the go-fast model. One significant upgrade, however, is a novel start-stop feature that's worth noting, as it Could be adapted for use on gasoline engines.  If an engine stop has been ordered and the engine is still turning faster than about 350 rpm, the fuel rail (which Remains pressurized) simply resumes injection and within two compression cycles the engine starts running again.

Below 350 rpm, the starter is required, but rather than wait for it to stop, then engage the starter pinion and commence cranking, the XF diesel can smoothly engage the starter before the engine stops turning. By motoring the pinion up to match engine speed, there's no crunch the pinion hits the flywheel, and no time lost in restarting. Order a restart, and its spring releases enough hydraulic pressure to engage the shift key elements needed for instantaneous launch.

My only experience in the 2012 drive was with this XF diesel, and the start-stop technology works splendidly, restarting as Quickly as a high-voltage hybrid (like the Buick LaCrosse eAssist) on Those touch-and-go stops. Even the full stops seem slightly quicker to go, Because the pinion is already engaged Pls lifting off the brake. A second battery ensures there's Ample power to run all the ancillaries with the engine off (the A / C compressor-driven engine is still, however). Auto-stop can be switched off and is blocked Whenever you're using the paddle shifters. Another cool feature: If the auto-stops XF  you get to your parking place or garage, just unbuckle your belt and the transmission shifts to park, then the ignition shuts down completely.

The eight-speed's shift quality is impeccable, delivering aspects swift, decisive downshifts 8-2 Pls Called to action, then wafting seamlessly from ratio to ratio like a CVT while sashaying around town. It's a slam-dunk That Should boost Jag XF's market share in Europe, where 49 percent of 5-series/upper CD segment is a four-cylinder Diesels.

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