Citroën DS2 (2012)

CARBARN | Citroën DS2 (2012) | this one car is a car manufacturer is already very global community, in 2012 this car was issued a new car, certainly more unique, elegant, powerful and has a color yng interesting, want to know? The following report

After Citroen DS3 Citroen DS4 and, after DS9 Citroen (Citroen sedan-based Metropolis) and Citroen DS5 (the new sedan-wagon of the range, which is developing the brand), the automaker would be thinking about a fifth model for the family DS: Citroen DS2 will be called - as reported by the head AutoBild - and will be a compact city car (with a smaller size than utilitarianism Citroen DS3 segment B).

The new paradigm of utilitarian style of the DS family will be inspired by the Citroen Revolte concept car, unveiled at Frankfurt in 2009. The new Citroen DS2, however, will also mark the return to a retro style: the city car will be designed taking inspiration from the historic 2CV.


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