Toyota Auris (2013)


Car Barn Sport | Toyota Auris (2013) | Toyota presents the new Auris 2012 Paris Motor Show in September, a car that has a better dynamic, more distinctive style and higher level systems, while also cheaper to use. New Toyota Auris is the latest model of the determination of the Toyota car technician attractive and exciting to drive dynamic display, while the construction of its long-standing reputation for quality, durability and reliability.Besides presenting an exterior design safer and higher quality interior, new Toyota Avensis benefits from improved driving dynamics and efficiency of the engine line-up, including the full hybrid system that powers the flagship Toyota Auris Hybrid.

The total height is 55 mm lower than the current model and a lower front-end design helps to provide excellent aerodynamic performance, with a drag coefficient of Cd 0.28, supporting the stability of better management and lower fuel consumption . At the rear, the new Toyota Auris has a wider opening tailgate, with a play of concave and convex surfaces, a wrap-around design combination lamp and the new bumper, wide stance enhancing the vehicle. Toyota paid particular attention to the sensory quality of the cabin and worked in detail to a greater sense of visual unity to achieve through consistency of lights, colors, finishes, and even the font for images.

The air intake and metro, the center console and transmission tunnel share high quality finishes in satin silver, and higher same dashboard covered with leather. Assist handles and doors clamps have a smooth finish, the door armrests are padded and the columns are dust-cut. All versions sedan offers more luggage space, at 360 liters. Replacing the battery under the back seat, Toyota Auris Hybrid insured has the same load capacity as the other models in the range. New Toyota Auris further benefits from a lower ride height, riding position and the center of gravity.

Improvements in efficiency and dynamics are applied in the Hybrid Synergy Drive, which will be offered in Toyota Auris Hybrid. In the UK the new model will also be 1.4-liter diesel and 1.6-liter petrol and 1.33. The new model will be presented at the European premiere on September 27 at the Paris Salon in 2012, versions with petrol, diesel or full hybrid on the display.
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