BMW Roadster Zagato Concept (2012)


Car Barn Sport | BMW Roadster Zagato Concept (2012) | The decision to launch another collaboration between BMW and the body Zagato in Italy has been done only for a short period after the Zagato coupe BMW has taken its first arc. Encouraged by the positive response to the coupe, Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design, Andrea Zagato and immediately agreed to take their partnership forward. In the menu, this time will be the model Roadster.  Roadster Zagato was duly convened in record time, and only six weeks separating the first idea of the design of the models.

Zagato and BMW has a long and successful tradition of building and Zagato roadster BMW roadster to see their appropriate DNA design, merging into oneThis machine is not intended as a coupe only elegant, but as a man and an extremely dynamic sports car, which is a powerful driving experience," says Chief Designer Norihiko Harada, Zagato, which describes the design philosophy for the BMW roadster Zagato. Like the BMW coupe Zagato Roadster is ready to move and is designed to operate at high speeds. The proportions of the car does not obscure the special driving experience that awaits the driver. Long, wide hood pin driver stepped back close to the rear wheels. 

Taut, the surface treatment of the BMW brand and clarify the distribution of mass in the BMW Roadster Zagato Zagato give visual sporty ready and willing to request that they were taken. Low-set kidney grille, complete with sophisticated design Mr. grid, as well as focused circular headlight and a three-dimensional shape of the front bumper BMW Roadster Zagato expressive face, as do the front of the compartment. In general, the front part of the BMW Roadster Zagato is three-dimensional, large and powerful format. Nose jumps forward quickly, dipping down near the road, and allows Zagato roadster BMW to cut the figure flexible, curved, as if about to pounce.

Sitting between the headlights low Zagato BMW kidney grille take with kidney dull surroundings. Hips BMW roadster Zagato reflect the extroverted nature of his brother coupe. Here, clearly define the mass distribution of tail visual and attractive than a mixture of Zagato brand surface treatment and the use of forms, BMW family. Together fill BMW Roadster Zagato, with a distinctive appeal and sporty. BMW Roadster Zagato presence, silhouette, outline ready and alert, wide hood of the car, long wheelbase, short overhangs and low back come together in a close, all sports. Choreographer of lines and surfaces, such as BMW coupe Zagato, but subtle differences apparent in the rear.

The lines are elegant and Roadster on the right rear landing. BMW roadster roll bars are typically Zagato Zagato. Low, dynamic roll-bar, inspired by an airplane, that attract attention, making Zagato roadster BMW recognizable from afar," said Norihiko Harada. Their brown color gives the roll-bar profile even more pronounced. Other details include striking air vents decorate the sides roadster, which reflects the shape of the opening bonnet and play dynamic themes. Silver "Z" is located below the hole of wing refers to BMW / Zagato collaboration.

A view from above of the car emphasizes the interpretation of the mark BMW roadster Zagato Zagato double bubble roof, a convertible top cover. The cover element is used double bubble extend the bonnet to the rear, which stresses the muscular proportions of the rear-wheel drive roadster. The two dome roof - "Double Hump" in the local language - is a signature design Zagato and can be found on almost every car Zagato.

She suddenly turned tail roadster BMW Zagato provides a good advertising for the exquisite talents Zagato body specialists. In general, the rear part of the BMW Roadster Zagato has a very broad, low profile appearance, giving the car a wide and put muscle on the road. As with its counterpart coupe, the rear lights BMW Roadster Zagato is behind the black tinted glass. Glass surface covered with small black strip around the entire rear, emphasizing the horizontal geometry. Under it, a dark cone gives the BMW roadster Zagato stocky, strong position. BMW Roadster Zagato focuses on this feature and allows you to consciously boundaries between inside and outside vanish. Brown leather band wrapped around the interior, such as rail to create a visual connection between the interior of the vehicle and its appearance. The interaction of color and detail composition suite Zagato roadster BMW in a luxurious atmosphere, while brown "Z" embroidered in place is another indication of its origin.
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