McLaren X-1 Concept (2012)

Car Barn Sport | McLaren X-1 Concept (2012) | McLaren X-1 is the most ambitious yet MSO expertise. It was a good car, road legal and capable of traveling at speeds supercar.  A complete CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) testing schedule ensure aerodynamic stability at high speeds, the car also completed about 625 miles of testing, including two passages of intensive testing at the circuit IDIADA in Spain with McLaren chief test driver Chris Goodwin. After a trial period, meticulously rebuilt the entire car by hand to concours standard. MSO Program Director Paul Mackenzie explains: "The X-1 showcases the skills of Special Operations McLaren. Customers want more luxury and more custom functions or individual.

All parts of the body McLaren X-1 are made of carbon and are finished in a rich piano as specified by the owner. The sides of the body are painted visual carbon fiber. "The metallic paint black or shades of colors and is one of the hardest colors to paint, but the finish is absolutely beautiful and fits perfectly in the car," adds Stephenson. Components were treated exclusively for the car. They even have a single head and taillights inspired by the McLaren logo Speed Dial. Polishing is machined from solid aluminum, and nickel coating is then applied. The McLaren logo on the nose is especially made from solid aluminum, then plated. Wheels are also unique for the X-1, and showed a colored diamond plated finish off Brightwork fill.

Even McLaren badge on the nose Speed Dial is machined from solid aluminum, then plated. McLaren rear Airbrake is machined from solid aluminum and nickel, for the rest of the polishing work to fill. Perhaps the most unusual feature is the style of the rear wheels locked, the result of the desire of the owner of a car as a result of "timeless elegance" is. Neat styling touches role in the design, such as the lighting of the license plate finished in carbon fiber, has a beautiful machined aluminum cap used for the main tank and line Finished carbon in the engine compartment. 

McLaren X-1 is 4658 mm long - 109 mm longer than one 12C. Width is 2097 mm (mirrored) - an increase of 188 mm. Although the roofline revised height remains the same, 1.199 mm. Almost identical own weight (about 1400 kg), the body panels lighter carbon compensate the greater length and width. Lightweight, like all projects McLaren, was a priority. While the basic architecture of the interior has not changed, customization includes bespoke McLaren Harissa Red Nappa leather for the seats, doors and roof trim switches and nickel-coated machined aluminum wheels Tufted carpet covered the floor Andesite special. All these changes created McLaren X-1 approval required especially for road use. The car was completely designed to be helpful and nice road.

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