Smart for Two Electric Drive (2013)


CARBARN | Smart for Two Electric Drive (2013) | The feasibility of the fast charge, it is optionally possible to equip the slide with a quick charge function. A power cable is sure to be used to drive the vehicle to a charging station or a public fast "wall box" to connect at home or at work is not required. If a customer decides to install a flush socket at home or work in the sales department are intelligent SPX. SPX checks the local conditions, to arrange an individual offer, and after a purchase decision, for the installation of KEBA wallbox. Both variants can be used successively for quick loading of a vehicle or several vehicles. The wallbox Connected also offers connectivity to the Internet connection once connected to the Web client. In addition, connectivity is an ideal solution for plus fleet customers. The server then allows more fleet vehicles to be loaded at once, all controlled automatically and intelligently. 

The charging cable is relevant of course available at SPX. The smart fortwo electric drive is very attractive for electric vehicles to decide, with a new marketing concept. To purchase with sales and customer service model, lease or financing, rent the car at an attractive price and the battery out. Smart also has a solution for those who want to buy the entire vehicle. With the sale attractive package of care and significant technological advances smart smart fortwo electric drive offers customers affordable driving pleasure in daily use on an ecological unit. Smart also has an attractive offer for customers who buy or lease, the vehicle costs complete with battery, including the VAT of the new smart fortwo electric drive is U.S. $ 23.680 and € 26.770 as a coupe convertible.

Of the International Automobile Exhibition in Frankfurt, all interested parties have succeeded in  register no obligation to receive latest news about the new electric smart. In some markets, including Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Great Britain succeeded customers, earning a booking for a vehicle online - and these customers will be among the first owners of the new smart fortwo electric drive. The new E-Smart comes in all colors and color combinations that are smart for diesel and petrol models. The package design electric drive consists of white crystals and white body panels alloy wheels, Tridion cell and mirror caps painted green and numerous electric green accents in the interior, which form a delightful contrast to the black seats. As expected, the new smart fortwo electric drive has a wealth of equipment. If be connected to the power supply of the vehicle pre-cooled or preheated automatically required for a departure time. Standard equipment includes electric windows, leather steering wheel, leather shift lever, steering, basic audio, alloy wheels, 9 spokes, and a luggage compartment cover. The on-board computer also a standard feature on Smart Power displays trip information that includes the remaining tracks.

The smart fortwo electric drive can be connected to the Internet at home via a powerline adapter standard (HomePlug AV) for SmartCharging. After entering the scheduled departure time on the vehicle or the vehicle is calculated portal completely in a battery-saving and cost. The smart fortwo electric drive is also a public charging stations easy.


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