Fiat Panda UK Version (2013)

CARBARN | Fiat Panda UK Version (2013) | The TwinAir Turbo be joined later in the year from a version sucked for the first time. The Fiat Panda is also available with a diesel 1.3-liter turbo MultiJet2. In addition to new engines, the Fiat Panda reviewed the dimensions that make it longer, wider and taller than the car it replaces, with more space for passengers and their luggage. The majority of the growth of the Panda is the length in the oscillation rear trunk to increase the space of the new car and to provide more legroom for the rear passengers, which receive also the possibility to slide the rear seat for the first time. The new Panda and 66 mm wider, which means it can comfortably accommodate three passengers in the rear. With up to six airbags (four of which are standard), ABS anti-lock brakes, optional ESP (Electronic Stability Program), and an active anti-whiplash head restraint system equipment across the range, the Panda is going to to be one of the best equipped cars in its class in terms of safety. Unusually for a car of this size, which will also include a novelty as an option, the Low Speed Collision Mitigation. This reads the road and when it detects an obstacle in the path of the car automatically brakes.

Useful features of the Fiat Panda is not just reserved for the driver. To maximize interior space, the interior is full of useful new equipment. There are 14 storage compartments, including an open panel. The rear seat can be specified by scrolling back and forth. Other options include a front passenger seat that folds into a table, while access to the inner part has been improved. This allows hands-free device control with voice activation or buttons on the steering wheel. The new Fiat Panda also offers the latest Blue & Me TomTom2 living as an option. The Fiat Panda is available in three trim levels: Pop, Lounge and Easy. Even the entry level Pop model is well equipped for this city car class, while features such as low-speed Collision Mitigation, which is available on the cars of the middle and upper class, is new to this segment. Now entering its third generation, the new Panda combines the best of the first and second generation models have their own character, allowing the Fiat Panda move the legend to the fore once again. Fiat Style Centre designers say the new coin shows a combination of utility and even stronger personality than the car it replaces.

Complete redesign resulted in lines of the Fiat Panda is getting more rounded than the model it replaces. All windows have rounded corners and the window of the third side, a signature of the second generation Panda, but it remains less angular. Strips for cars that follow the subject have been rounded for safety parking impacts. The Fiat Panda has always been synonymous with convenience, style and usability, and this latest version expands these 'pillars'. The functionality is another brand of the Fiat Panda and the new model is no different. The five-door design, easy cab access. The interior space is 26 mm wider front and 5 mm wider at the rear, while overall, the cabin is 20 mm longer than the model it replaces. Coupled with the 6-inch vertical adjustment of the driver's seat, front passenger can be specified with a backrest that unfolds like a table in simple models and Lounge. Two rear seats are standard, while a middle seat, headrest and the seat belt can be specified as an option. If the sliding rear seat is ordered, the backrest is split 50/50. The seat material is too new. To further improve the cooling when the temperatures are high, the new Panda is an improved climate control system. 

Board life has been improved further working to reduce all types of noise. This has resulted in a 4 dB noise reduction compared to the previous generation model. Returning to the first Fiat Panda, has a large compartment in front of the front passenger. Other clever innovations include a redesigned interior door panels, which allow speakers to be ranked higher, which improves the sound quality allowing the bag to the door wider and more usable. The parking brake has been redesigned as well. Modern cars are more than ever, and as with all current new Fiat Panda is great communication. As a result, presents the award-winning Blue & Me infotainment system. Based on Windows Mobile, Microsoft's automotive industry, Blue & Me enables devices such as phones equipped with Bluetooth and MP3 music players to be connected in the car. The music is stored on a USB device, media player and the latest Apple systems can be played through the car audio system with information on the range shown on the display. This has all the regular features of the Blue & Me system, combined with satellite navigation and traffic information needed for real-time updates. It has a 4.3 inch touch screen display, store detailed maps of 45 European countries and has the same services as the next generation of live TomTom navigation devices. 

Together with Blue & Me is widely acclaimed Fiat eco Drive. It allows users to download information about the disk on a USB stick. This can then be sent to your computer and access to Fiat eco: Drive website, acceleration, deceleration, gear shifting and speed are analyzed to give drivers a personal eco: Index between 1 and 100. The eco Drivers then receive advice on how to improve their performance and may become part of the eco Ville community online. Fiat is at the forefront of the design of the combustion engine and as a result of the Panda has a new range of engines that lead their class in terms of performance, fuel economy and emissions. 0.9-liter Turbo TwinAir In front of the line is the engine of the Fiat of the Year 2011, the TwinAir Turbo. The first of a new range of engines, this unit combines two-cylinder Fiat MultiAir revolutionary technology with two cylinders and a turbocharger. Closely control the combustion process, the pumping loss of about 10 percent are eliminated control strategies of the valve can be optimized to reduce emissions and increase the maneuverability through throttle responses improved. Fitting perfectly with the small size of the Fiat Panda, the reduction TwinAir leads to a new level, combining a small capacity engine with a turbocharger. This improves performance and flexibility, especially in very low revs, which is much faster than a conventional normally aspirated engine. The Fiat Panda has been designed to be rewarding for all types of drivers in all types of conditions. 

The new Panda has an exceptionally rigid. This is thanks to 70 percent of what is being constructed with high strength materials. The vehicle also has a third load path. The improved rigidity combined with the latest technology to ensure full protection in the event of an accident. Four airbags are standard (front and window airbags), while the front seat belts with pretensioners and load limiters feature. The front seats are also equipped with an anti-whiplash, while the rear has a headrest (optional Pop version) and Isofix attachments for child seats. ABS anti-lock brakes are standard, the Brake Assist Faster Stronger braking to ensure that drivers maximize braking performance. The LSCM able to recognize the obstacles in the path of the car and apply the brakes if the driver does not. The LSCM combines automatic emergency braking (AEB), and Brake Assist Prefill. addition to automatically apply the brakes, engine torque is reduced if the gas pedal is released. The AEB works with Prefill. The new Fiat Panda introduces totally new suspension that is designed to improve comfort, handling and crash safety performance. Shrubs of the suspension were added new front and rear to improve the acoustic insulation, and without prejudice for the operation of the road. The default is returned to the city when the button is pressed again or when the speed exceeds 22 mph, ensures greater steering precision and response of the steering wheel which is more suitable for higher speeds.

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