Fiat Strada (2013)


CARBARN | Fiat Strada (2013) | The style conveys the image of a car, very dynamic and functional capable of good performance and extremely low operating costs. Integrated fog lamps installed on the bottom. The Long Cab and crew cab versions have a longitudinal roof rails and spoiler with integrated brake light, in addition to ample space in the cabin. Dimensions of the car almost unchanged from the previous series of 4409 mm in length (4.457 mm for the adventurous version), width of 1664 (1740 mm for the adventurous version) and a wheelbase of 2.718 mm. Fiat Strada in a lot of comfort for the passengers inside and a very carefully designed in every way. Ergonomic, antisubmarining seats, height adjustable steering wheel (standard Trekking and Adventure) and temperature control (Standard Action) to travel and work on the Fiat Strada more enjoyable, comfortable and safe. Equipped with a variable geometry turbocharger and intercooler, the engine delivers outstanding performance and low operating costs.

Fiat Strada offers a wide range of standard equipment: new tools for on-board computer, adjustable steering wheel height (for trekking and adventure), rearview mirror with a manually adjustable from inside and ABS. Other standard features include Fiat Strada Adventure climate control, fog lamps, alloy wheels with tires 205/65 R15 disproportionate edge of the tread of the tire. Proof of off-road adventure is a personal dashboard, which is a version of E-Locker-supplemented with additional compass-and-roll and instrument meter field.

Finally, when it comes to comfort, the Fiat Strada has a long list of optional equipment to personalize your car, radio with CD player, climate control, sunroof, leather steering wheel (Adventure only), and alloy wheels .

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