TagAZ Eagle (2012)

CARBARN | TagAZ Eagle (2012) | TagAZ, a small business in Russia has launched a four-door kupe named Aquila, means eagle in Latin. Interestingly, the price is equal to 400,000 rubles or USD 116 million, but does not claim economic. What distinguishes the front fenders and lights only. Equipment features that exist in the car, also strengthen the Eagle is not cheap. Among others, there's ABS, complete with sound system, anti-fog mirrors and airbags. Then, to reinforce the impression of the sport in the cabin, using models of racing seats.

To the machine equipped with 1.6 liter 4-cylinder engine similar to the previous product tail Aquila Vortex. The resulting maximum power of 116 hp. TagAZ Aquila expects to see in Moscow Motor Show next month. This variant is sold only with automatic transmission. 

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