Dacia Dokker Van (2013)

CARBARN | Dacia Dokker Van (2013) | Dokker The name is a play on "dockworker" and the word expresses the high load capacity of both models, and their interior modular and robust. Lines, generous proportions and dimensions of Dacia Dacia Van Dokker Dokker (length: 4.36 m / Width: 1.75 m / Height: 1.81 m), point to a very spacious interior. This impression is reinforced by the vertical side of the body itself, while opening the sliding doors and rear doors provide easy access asymmetric. Meanwhile, the modern, hi-tech style new sense of identity in their design that showcases Dacia launched Lodgy.

External volumes of newcomers, authoritarian forms and unadorned line points to the quality mark of the Dacia brand and strength, a feeling that is accentuated by the high beltline and the door handles large. Standards of grain and black bumpers and greenhouse Dacia Dokker Dokker Van wrap around the lower part of their entire front-end, up to the headlights, while the rear bumper were positioned to protect the optical groups. Some versions are equipped with protective side moldings. The undeniably modern, high-tech feel of the cabin is reinforced by new design tools - Dacia Lodgy inherited - and the inclusion of a support media NAV.

Dacia Van Dokker Dokker and benefit from the advanced driver-friendly events that were seen on Lodgy, including new headlamps with wiper controls. Dacia Dokker comes standard with a sliding glass door and a second side can be ordered as an option (standard on high-end version). The free side opening door 703 mm to facilitate secure access to rear seats. Rear passengers enjoy comfortable seats and plenty of space (height: 1065 mm / shoulder room: 1,458 mm / knee room: 177 mm). Thank you to its dimensions (length: 4.36 m / Width: 1.75 m / Height: 1.81 m), Dacia offers generous Dokker Van 3.3 cubic feet of cargo capacity and a maximum load of 1.9 m .

Its capacity can be expanded with optional seat wise easy Dacia. The back of this versatile suggestions seats front passenger forwards to form a table. This provision allows the elements of three meters in length to be easily transported (maximum load length: 3.11m). He is best placed face Dacia Van Dokker as one of the most functional vehicle in its segment, but comfort has not suffered since the seat is easy Dacia front / rear adjustable and has a reclining backrest. Maximum payload is 750 kg Dacia Van Dokker. This allows the loading capacity increased by folding the passenger seat (optional seat Dacia easy) to increase the carrying capacity, but also to protect the driver.

Dacia Dokker Van comes standard with a wide sliding side door and a second is optional. The rear doors swing open 90 asymmetric degrees and are held in position by a retention system that prevents the door from slamming in windy conditions. Needless to say, Dacia and Dokker Dokker Van benefit from these improvements. The Dacia Van Dokker Dokker ranges have a wide choice of engines suitable, efficient and reliable to meet the diverse needs of pilots. This engine offers a combination of driving fun, frugal fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions, but still provides a level of performance (115 hp) comparable to that of a 1.6 liter engine. 

It goes without saying that the reliability of the Dacia brand and quality of construction, which are preferred by customers and media, have been incorporated into the genes of Dacia and Dokker Dokker Van. In addition, both models benefit from the expertise of Renault, Europe's number one manufacturer of commercial vehicles since 1998. Many of the components used for the Dacia Dokker Dokker and Van have been developed to the same memory as Renault has developed its range of light commercial vehicles

To cover as many types of end-use as possible, Dacia Dokker suffered 1.9 million miles of validation testing under severe conditions. Dokker Van Dacia Renault LCV was presented on specific test program, including the endurance race on the washboard surface test more severe. Duration Dokker Van Dacia was also tested in the field. Dacia Van Dokker amounts to nearly 850,000 kilometers across a wide range of situations, which equals vehicle-aged between four and six years. Dacia Dokker comes with a warranty of three years or 100,000 km.

Customers are satisfied with their purchase and proud to drive a Dacia, as evidenced by the unique phenomenon picnic Dacia which received more than 10,000 customers across Europe in 2011. Dacia Van Dokker Dokker and are worthy flagship for the brand values and their launches to take the total number of models introduced by Dacia in a period of eight to nine years only.Dacia Dacia Van Dokker Dokker and will be distributed by the network, which is increasingly the launch of the brand. The brand has showrooms in 1830, 818 of them are dedicated to Dacia. Approximately 1,300 employees are dedicated to the sales of Dacia vehicles sold in the countries of Europe and the Mediterranean basin. Dacia has launched a new service designed to provide policy affordable, simple, high quality care tailored to meet individual customer needs. This new offering allows customers to specify precise Dacia plans to maintain a very competitive price.

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