Mazda Flair Wagon (2012)

CARBARN | Mazda Flair Wagon (2012) | Since the production of small cars introduced in 1998 formed a partnership with Mazda Suzuki on an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). One form of the results of this cooperation, Mazda sells Suzuki range to include the logo and the name Mazda Wagon flair (formerly known as AZ Wagon rumored) to change. Influx is expected to increase car sales flair small wagon in Japan reached 50,000 units in fiscal year 2012. Mazda hopes could charm Wagon increased sales of 10,000 units. Brass and the dimensions of the same, ie the length of 3395 mm, width of 1.475 mm, 1.735 mm in height and pitch 2,400 mm.

Although not definitive information on the staff, the position estimate Auto blog maximum power that can be generated for the car Kei is 64 hp. Mazda Motion system also provides a type-2-wheel and four-wheel drive (AWD).

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