Cadillac ATS (2013)

CARBARN | Cadillac ATS (2013) | Cadillac ATS to make a lighter car segment was a key criterion for and guiding principle during its development, but was done in one. Subtle, providing a refined driving experience Cadillac ATS offers reduced weight a more responsive and manageable, while optimizing the engines performance and efficiency". Said David Mascha, ATS chief engineer "But we were careful to control your weight while maintaining Cadillac's signature levels of refinement. An aluminum hood, the engine mounting brackets magnesium and even light, natural fibreboard door trim help Cadillac ATS generally low table - and reflects the systematic approach to evaluate each program who entered the car. But a bit of weight was considered not only beneficial but essential to ATS Cadillac driving experience. 

This helps to compensate for the weight of the engine and transmission to the front of the vehicle to help deliver Cadillac ATS almost perfect balance weight 50/50, but also contribute to the noise and vibration. We approached the development, counting every gram of ATS," said Mascha. Seventeen-inch wheels are standard and 18 inches are available. Bold vertical LED lighting elements - including new front lighting signature details - and the door handles and grille shutters lend active style of art and function shiny Cadillac ATS. Shutters Grille near highway speeds to reduce some drag and increase fuel economy. A driver-focused interior with integrated technology and craft materials complements and supports the external factors driving experience of ATS.  Number of available seats are power-adjustable performance support to optimize lateral support when cornering at high load.

LED lighting on the instrument panel allows clear bold at first viewing in all lighting conditions, while the functional elements of lighting accents the console and doors. Real wood, metal plating and a nickel finish and carbon fiber Cadillac, cut and sew panel, center console and door Cadillac ATS strengthen the emotional bond. ATS is offered by Cadillac cue, extensive experience in vehicle design that combines an intuitive, self-controlled industry and the first requests for information and entertainment. For example, most luxury cars have now about 20 control buttons and entertainment functions. LCD screen displays vibrant CUE home page that looks like a smartphone screen using large, easy target icons to execute commands. 

Safety in ATS is based in Cadillac, "warning and control" strategy that uses advanced technologies - including radars, cameras and ultrasonic sensors - to help prevent accidents. In some cases, Cadillac advanced crash avoidance systems will work without drivers, and automatic brake, which will act on information indicating the potential dangers. Among the more sophisticated features front and rear brake is automatic. Advanced security technology features full registration Cadillac ATS safety features including eight standard air bags (10 with optional features), safety belt tensioners and load limiters, StabiliTrak electronic stability control with traction control and brake disc in four wheels with four-channel ABS. 2013 Cadillac ATS also has OnStar standard for one year. 

2013 Cadillac ATS offers a driving experience that the progress of performance of the old brand, with a balance of track-tuned and refined without compromising control. Multi-link suspension in double-pivot front - MacPherson-based design - is used for a more precise sense of control, including steering more linear and communicative, and a smooth ride. Arms control, tree and body form a four-bar link efficiently to every part of the front suspension, creating virtual pivot point for greater control pump.  Drawing of the front suspension also allows a longer axis, pivot and more positive steering offset geometry for better steering control, outstanding straight-line stability and a more refined ride. 

Kinematics of the front suspension of ATS are more complicated, but the reward is worth the way drives the car," said Berube. "Drivers will feel directly connected to the front wheels are, but with a comfortable degree of isolation that makes a big Cadillac Touring Car ATS units long. On the back of the ATS is the first five-link independent suspension for a Cadillac. It is designed to help reduce the movement of the roll center, allowing a positive side, reduce the "squat" under acceleration and promotes excellent dynamic stability. Four handling links (with upper and lower arms control) are used to control each wheel moving parts and a toe binding of each wheel, provide additional horizontal control - especially in hard cornering. Upper and lower links to create a double-arm design effective, although the links are mounted independently.

Like the front suspension, five link points of articulation creates virtual engineers of ATS used to optimize the geometry. The use of an aluminum support, would have reduced the total weight of ATS, but I found several pounds of rear suspension helped the front / rear weight balance close to the ideal 50-50," said David Mascha, ATS chief engineer. Seventeen inches (17x8 cm) wheels and tires are used 225/40-series standard 18x8-inch wheels and rubber 255/35-series Cadillac ATS are offered with run-flat tires. Models with rear wheels are 18x9-inch Fe3 suspension. Other models have a conveyor 7.67 inches. Rack ATS are new advanced suspension damping, steering and braking systems, including Magnetic Ride Control. Magnetic Ride Control (MRC) is the heart of Fe3 sport suspension package, which is included in the Premium Collection and also includes a mechanical limited slip differential, cooling system and high-capacity 18-inch summer performance tires.

MRC, conventional mechanical shock and strut valves are replaced by electronic control units filled with a magnetorheological fluid containing iron particles minutes. In Input sensor determines the required amount of resistance ranging from load to optimize magnetic damping. Fe3 settings adjustable suspension allows the driver to select various periods of depreciation Magnetic Ride Control, including a competitive manner, which also regulates the intervention of stability control and traction control systems. All models come with an electric Cadillac ATS premium system, variable assist power steering from ZF steering systems. 

our-wheel disc brakes are standard on all models, Brembo performance brakes available in standard and included in the collections of performance, luxury and premium. Wheel drive is available for greater traction on wet and icy. All-new, rear-wheel drive luxury sedan Cadillac ATS sport compact, efficient engines, 2.5le next-generation six-speed transmission, is priced at $ 33,990, including destination fees.

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