Mastretta MXT (2012)

CARBARN | Mastretta MXT (2012) | The MXT is the first car entirely designed and developed by the automaker Mexican Mastretta, which was previously known to produce car kits.  The exterior styling features MXT distinguished by indices such as the headlights ending in the massive air intakes, exhaust pipe and rear center position, the cabin, a flying buttress treatment reminiscent of the Ferrari 599 GTB.  The MXT body is made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, below which is an aluminum frame with a floor panel and carbon fiber engine cradle.


Highlights include carbon fiber seats covered with leather, pedals aluminum closely positioned to facilitate fast footwork and a flat-bottomed steering wheel finished in suede. Technology Features include GPS navigation, iPod connectivity, hands-free communication via Bluetooth and a DVD. Main competitors The main competitor Mastretta MXT is the central engine, ultra-light Lotus Elise.


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