Arrinera Supercar (2013)

CARBARN | Arrinera Supercar (2013) | The body style is characterized by clean lines and dynamic, which clearly indicate the enormous potential of the Supercar. At the rear of the car, muffler housings with unique diffusers resemble the exhaust nozzles of a jet. The supercar Arrinera be powered by a 650hp. The car body is unique and its aerodynamics and lightweight construction, it will be possible to maximize engine performance. The stylist responsible for the lines is Arrinera Burkatskyy Pavlo. The chassis designed by Lee Noble are made from high-strength steel variable section and considerable torsional strength. 


The car is equipped with an audio system, electric windows and mirrors and air conditioning. For safety reasons - rollover - reinforced anti-roll bars have been positioned behind the seats and two seats are equipped with seat belts to 4 points.


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