Toyota yundong Shuangqing Concept (2012)

CARBARN | Toyota yundong Shuangqing Concept (2012) | It's more blue car in our pictures here. This gasoline-electric hybrid Toyota developed by China R & D think tank in the city of Changsha, and is intended for use in China. Toyota Prius and Camry Hybrid sold already in China - and to strengthen what is the body section of the hybrid Prius at an exhibition in Beijing. It plans to build hybrid cars in China within three years. Yundong Shuangqing has zero production intent, however. Toyota in talks with local partners, FAW and Guanghzhou to create a new line of hybrids in China by 2015 - and this concept car is the notion that these plans can spawn.

It is currently Toyota's advertising slogan in China. Touche. Right Well, it's the Chinese debut of Toyota model GT86, and there are plenty of interesting local Fayre market, such as Crown, Reiz, Vios and other cars, we miss in the UK.

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