Peugeot Urban Crossover Concept (2012)


CARBARN | Peugeot Urban Crossover Concept (2012) | City Peugeot crossover concept naturally embodies the new signals Peugeot style. With its sporty lines and a stylish urban crossover concept imposes its bold posture that shakes up and invent the standards of large capacity vehicles in the compact segment. Smiling bars, always floating, offers a massive outline is formed in the metal. City Peugeot crossover concept is a statue of the wings and sides, very sensual and sophisticated, reminiscent of natural athletic qualities. The rounded shape of the wheel arches symbolize the quality of skill associated with all motor vehicles.

Finally, the soft waves emphasizes the exclusive roof top finishers, created in the metal. At the rear, with a dynamic design with lamps with built-in precision in the body, it is a glowing sign Peugeot with three floating claws using LED technology. Rear solid volume, the symbol of controlled power and solidity. This is due to the line, the dynamic nature and sculptural models.

Urban Concept Peugeot crossover Peugeot wants to be a synthesis of the know-how to create a combination of a small car maneuverability, compact, multi-style ability and confidence in the service of young urbanites who love the city, live in the city, the creation of the city, at the same time he likes to run away from him.

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