Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Victoria Beckham (2012)

CARBARN | Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Victoria Beckham (2012) | Special Edition will be built at the Halewood plant in Liverpool, and hand-finished engineering Land Rover division to order (ETO), An important element of the design is high quality hand-finished matte gray color, contrasting with the glossy black finish on the roof and side openings, hood, wheel arches and wheels, giving the car a total stealth-like quality. Further emphasizes the luxury of custom theme of this car is the use of pink gold accent on unique 20 "gloss black forged alloy wheels, grille and badging volume limited to this Special Edition. Activities designed four-seat semi-aniline finished Vintage Tan Leather - with a bold stitch detail, hand-finished "baseball", selected as the Victoria left-handed reference to her athletic husband David. However, the skin is also used to cover the door inserts, armrests and center storage box lid.

Other surfaces were intentionally lowered to reflect the exterior through the use of a soft feel black paint on the switchboard, the center console, piano black and dark texture of machined aluminum. The ultra-luxurious mohair rugs and headliners microsuede enhance the sense of occasion even more. Hand stitched leather wallet with a rose gold contains detailed guidance to the exclusive features of the car is one of the company Range Rover Evoque and signed by Victoria Beckham. Yachts, luxury airplanes, classic cars, movies, personality and fashion. Land Rover Design Director, Gerry McGovern said: "Working with Victoria in our design studio in Gaydon certainly created a buzz in the team, but we quickly realized our tastes are similar to the design and the desire for this car, for example at the first meeting, Victoria she inspired the use of pink gold.


Range Rover Evoque Special Edition with Victoria Beckham is limited to a maximum of 200 cars will be sold worldwide. Four-car coupe, equipped with a lightweight, all-aluminum 240PS 2,0-liter petrol engine and a four-wheel drive with the award-winning Terrain Response System of Land Rover. The color also serves to highlight the drama inherent in the design Evoque. This vehicle is carefully selected proportions to the fore with the use of Santorini Black gloss finish on the roof, sills and wheel arches, which serves to counter the body opaque. Glossy black is further used for the hood and side vents, inscriptions Range Rover, finishers lower body, exhaust finishers, and fog lights surrounds. Badges on the rear doors and side vents are called Evoque selected in rose gold inscription.

Quintessential British luxury is the hallmark of a Land Rover and Victoria Beckham brand. This special edition admits that the experience further heightened by the use of high quality materials and craftsmanship, which emphasize the already ultra-premium interior atmosphere Evoque. Ebony soft-touch black paint was used for all switching devices and high-gloss black for the outer reflected here in the use of piano black veneer on center console bezel, door handles and air vents. Rose Gold is used to fine effect on the bays in the center console that controls the heating and ventilation around the drive and select Rotary Shifter. Machined aluminum in dark finish technology is used to "clubs" that the central frame is the center console. Victoria Beckham inspired exclusive and ultra-luxurious rugs.

Order the luggage completes the package cohesive design, Range Rover Evoque Special Edition with Victoria Beckham. This set of four pieces based on their own range of designer luggage, using the same high-quality internal structure and dressed in a hand stitched black leather.  Improving the quality of the driver and passengers boarding the highest levels of equipment to enhance the experience for driver and passengers. Evoque Driving is made easy with many functions easily accessible via car eight-inch touch screen mounted high on the center console. Range Rover Evoque Special Edition has all the work, ability and safety expected of any Land Rover. Further assistance to the driver two innovative systems, first surround system camera that offers 360-degree view around the vehicle. MagneRide ® shock absorbers are filled with magnetic fluid, which allows stepless Damping Control. A clever response to intensified even further, the dynamic choice on Terrain Response, which binds these systems together, to deliver a sharper handling and tighter control of body experience even more rewarding driving experience. To add a real sense of the case, the automatic color change is activated when the driver selects a dynamic setting, change the lighting and the red dials.

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