Mercedes-Benz C-Class UK Version (2012)

CARBARN | Mercedes-Benz C-Class UK Version (2012) | The front bumper has more expressive and dynamic contours, with the front being aligned with expression of the brand new design. The air central upwardly open V-shaped, forming a base unit for the visual radiator grille. Pronounced side sections extending from the V form of sports in the center of the bumper. Further under the headlights, these sections blend lines of action along the sidewalls of vehicles, which connects with the front sides. The edge area of the radiator grille and headlamp emphasizes the V-shaped front section of the more strongly than before. Together with the newly designed headlamps, which gives the front a more resolute impression.

The halogen lamps are arranged in its classical form, beam on the low beam, high off on the inside and indicators arranged in order, at the outer corner formed with the front wing. If the optional bi-xenon headlamps with Intelligent Light System (ILS) are specified, the impression of depth is enhanced by a row of lighting modules. The light distinctive positions with a C-shaped design stresses night. A visual basis of the headlamp in the lower section is formed by a horizontal indicator unit broadband LED. The horizontal LED daytime running lights on the bumper also make Mercedes-Benz C-Class unmistakable from a distance.

This change is particularly evident in the course of more steeply rising side of the light catching edges toward the rear lights. A light-catching continuous contour in the upper end of the rear bumper to flanks extends to connect with the rear end side to underline sportiness posterior aspect. In the latter model, the rear lights are even more tightly integrated in the rear section by a lens of continuous coverage. The rear lights recognition factor has a particularly high in the dark. The instrument panel and a discreet light-catching contour continue in the front passenger side, while the central, trapezoidal air intakes and round openings abroad are highlighted in detail by galvanized trim. This extends from the compressed air through openings in the front passenger side air vent to outside, while the lower edge of upper panel section remains in belt lines of the door panels with a new grain surface. The control panel of the unit of information and communication of new generation has keys with inserts high-gloss surface.

Together with the new generation telematics generation, Mercedes-Benz C-Class is now available with a color screen, high-resolution on the dashboard An improvement of 31 percent was achieved in fuel consumption and all models Mercedes-Benz C-Class will launch with the ECO start / stop function as standard. All petrol engines in the series model has direct injection. The quantum leap in efficiency is particularly well illustrated by the six-cylinder unit: Power has increased considerably, the C 350 BlueEFFICIENCY delivering 306 hp and 370 Nm (previously 292 hp and 365 Nm). Together with a better transmission 7G-TRONIC PLUS and automatic start / stop function included as standard ECO, the C 220 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY and C 250 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY both deliver first-class figures with a combined diesel consumption of 58.8 mpg.

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