Ferrari 458 Italia Grand Am (2012)

CARBARN | Ferrari 458 Italia Grand Am (2012) | After making his debut at home on the track in Fiorano, Ferrari 458 Italia Grand Am will be back in action on 26 and 27 July 2011 for a private test session at Daytona International Speedway Florida. Taking turns at the wheel will be the tried and tested duo of Jaime Melo and Toni Vilander to be proud of having a long list of victories of his name in Ferraris. They will continue the development work of the Ferrari 458 Italia Grand Am, in preparation for their participation in the American League in 2012. Significant changes were made to the braking system as the car has no ABS or traction control. 

The car is equipped with tires from Continental, the only supplier for the series, with a compound very hard, again to conform with the standards of the series. Daytona recalls many memories of past victories Ferrari's famous 24 Hour race, the company has close ties with this important event. In fact, Ferrari has participated in 47 of these endurance races, winning five of them outright and class victories with 15.

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