Artega SE Concept (2011)

CARBARN | Artega SE Concept (2011) | German automaker, Artega, Artega SE the first unveiled at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show last March, showing the promise of what a German electric sports car Could look like. Recently, the Artega SE was in attendance at the Frankfurt Motor Show with plenty of updates on the vehicle. While expectations are understandably high for the SE, Artega is tempering its expectations on the car, leaving it with a concept tag while it still undergoes testing and development.

Ultimately, the company has made no bones about its intention of Bringing the Artega SE into something more than just a concept car. The Artega SE is an electric version of the company's initial offering, the Artega GT.  09/20/2011 UPDATE: Engadget has received confirmation That the Artega GT's younger brother - the Artega SE will indeed be heading to U.S. Shores. Thanks to a combination of materials used in auto racing, including the aluminum space frame, high-strength steel, alloys and carbon fiber reinforced, the Artega SE weighs in at 1.400 kg (3086 lbs), the which is about 100 kg (220 lbs) lighter than the Artega GT. Apart from the carbon fiber, Artega also built the SE with the idea of developing a car That can be Considered the lightest of its class. Inside the car, the SE comes with a multi-function sports steering wheel That includes toggle switches on the car's wheel, the which the driver can use to adjust the recuperation rate he removes his foot from the accelerator.

The Artega SE powering two electric motors are mounted on the car's rear axle, each with a 37 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery pack with a nominal voltage of 350 V. On a full charge, the Artega SE has a range of 125 miles with a full charge, capable of being finished in just 90 minutes Pls charging at a high-powered charging station. Should the reaction to the Artega SE be somewhere around what the company expects, the automaker Will IMMEDIATELY prep the car up for mass production.

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