Opel RAK E Concept Productions


CARBARN | Opel RAK E Concept Productions | Let's look back to the RGD Pls e comes, the RAK e Actually name comes from the rocket-propelled Opel RAK 2 the which was driven by Adam Opel's grandson Fritz in the past 1928. These days, General Motors of Europe president Nick Reilly said to the online magazine 'Autocar' Following the unveiling of the Opel RAK e concept at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show That the RAK e concept is very serious concept.





The Opel RAK e is a lightweight car. A couple of wheels are mated to the RAK e's narrow rear track, mounted-in units with a single swing arm. The engineer said That the firm two wheels attached to the Opel RAK e due to the mass of the second passenger and for the car's stability.


The expensive batteries is also become a problem for the RAK e project.However the company is convinced That the RAK e can be manufactured for significantly less in price compared to the electric version of a conventional car.

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