Subaru BRZ (2013)


CARBARN | Subaru BRZ (2013) | Toyota and Subaru have always said They were the resource persons going to unveil Their collaborative vehicles at the same time, so after finally seeing the production version of Toyota GT 86, the production version of the highly anticipated sports car BRZ was given its time to shine. Both vehicles have a strong front fascia, but the BRZ Will be distinguished by a Subaru-signed lower hexagon grille, front bumper design, detailing and headlight. As Previously confirmed, the Subaru BRZ Will be powered by the same 2.0-liter horizontally-opposed boxer engine found in the GT 86. The engine even delivers the same 200 HP and 151 lb-ft of torque, meaning the promised 300 HP Will be reserved for the STI version.

Although not yet confirmed, it is being rumored That the Subaru BRZ Will go on sale at a starting price of $ 24,000 for the BRZ Premium and $ 27,000 for the BRZ Limited. (MotorTrend) That Subaru has confirmed the new sports car BRZ Will be making its North American debut next week at the Detroit Auto Show. With a total weight of 2689 lbs, the BRZ offers a 2 +2 seating, plus Ample space in the trunk. The entire car has been designed in order to deliver "an ultra-low center of gravity package."

The package starts off with a low hood design featuring Subaru's six-star ornament, a hexagon-shaped lower grille, and long, slit-looking headlights that match Those of the GT 86. Features of the GT 86 can also be seen on the shapely fender flares, projecting rear wheel arches, a specially designed C-pillar shape, inclination rear glass, trunk lid and layout. The back of the BRZ comes sporting integrated exhaust tips and revised tail-lamps.

The sports seats Will be designed to offer a lowered sitting position and the steering wheel to Achieve Smaller Will be sports car maneuverability. The 2012 Subaru BRZ CAME a little late to the party, Bringing the same engine setup found on the Toyota GT 86: a 2.0-liter horizontally-opposed boxer engine equipped with Toyota's direct injection and port injection technology "D-4S The Subaru BRZ offers excellent maneuverability and stability thanks to its "ultra-low center of gravity of the package," a feature That has seemingly been left out of the Toyota GT 86.

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