Suzuki Compact SUV XAα

CARBARN | Suzuki Compact SUV XAα | After being teased audiences through snippets of images late last year, Suzuki Motor Corporation finally show concept cars XAα (XA Alpha) in the arena Auto Show, New Delhi Really offer anything new from the previous Suzuki models.

Together with the newly launched Ertiga premiere tomorrow the presence XAα shows how serious the Suzuki would work on the multi-purpose vehicle segment. Also as the market leader, Suzuki ambition to fill all the segments in India.

"India soon became one of the world's largest car market. Maruti Suzuki will continue to lead growth in the Indian car market by strengthening the compact car segment portfolio, enter new segments and create a new vehicle with a variety of categories, including the choice of fuel consumption, "beber Managing Director and CEO. 


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