Lexus LF-LC Concept

CARBARN | Lexus LF-LC Concept | "The third phase, all the focus on the emotional and inspirational products," said Templin. Exposed too, has never existed before cars with glass to glass pillar design inspired by modern architecture.  LF-LC Interior assessed contrast to advanced technologies.

While the cockpit design rated to express openness and intuitive assessed cabin. Because, with touch screen controls, allowing drivers to operate the control buttons without changing position or turning his eyesight.

Lexus LF-LC system fitted with audio controls, temperature controls and navigation, and connection with keyboards (keyboards) touch-screen pop-ups. The middle layer of the tachometer, while the top tachometer, speedomter and EcometerOne of the concept car a very attractive premium and introduced on the first day "Press Day" yesterday was the NAIAS 2012 Lexus LF-LC Concept. LF-LC is a hybrid Sport Coupe 2 +2. According to the United States release of the Lexus, LF-LC Concept is designed at Calty, California, United States, created specifically to exploit the design of the Lexus in the future The concept that we present today at the Detroit show Lexus design revolution that began with CT and GS, "said Mark Templin, Lexus vice president and GM Group. Further, this Lexus rear lights design by the tail of a jet turbine (afterburner).

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