Chrysler 700C

CARBARN | Chrysler 700C | Most striking is the use of chrome trim that is quite dominant in the outer areas such as home fog lights, headlights, side glass, rear door trim, the house door opener handle and rear bumper trim. For entertainment, used a pair of iPad is embedded behind the front row seat neatly.

Chrysler's CEO, Sergio Machionne surprise to journalists and other visitors during the press day at the NAIAS 2012 yesterday. Because, at that time, he introduced the concept of a new minivan in the Chrysler booth.

Chrysler 700 C with chrome accents looks sturdy and is more aerodynamic than the current Chrysler minivan, the Town & Country and Dodge Caravan that had been sold for 30 years and pioneered by the previous CEO Lee Iacocca. 


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