Toyota Auris Sport Touring (2013)



Car Barn Sport | Toyota Auris Sport Touring (2013) | As for the new sedan Auris, Toyota Auris maximizes fat Touring Sport ', has offered dynamic design of the external aerodynamic advantages of the model reduction of the overall height and dynamic improvements due to its low center of gravity. Portions his step 2600 mm, which is the Toyota Auris Sport Touring 285 mm longer than the sedan, are each dedicated to the increased load of the new car. The new Auris Sport Touring parts new front-end design that combines Toyota tailgate just as priorities design with crisp for the new car a powerful road presence but elegant.

The new Toyota Auris Sport Touring made its world debut at the 2012 Paris Motor Show Motor Body popular model range for wide range of engines. The combination of dynamic design and versatility without sacrificing cargo space or luggage space, the new Toyota Auris Sport Touring further diversification of demand, Toyota HSD full hybrid drive.
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