Land Rover Defender (2013)


Car Barn Sport | Land Rover Defender (2013) | In 2012, the Land Rover Defender got some new packages option in addition to the "S" trim levels and "SE". Smart new, contrasting roof colors can now be set to the majority of the Land Rover Defender color palette. In addition to the standard Fuji White, customers can now choose to Santorini Black, Indus, silver, gray, or Orkney Firenze Red. Premium seats which the contours of your body are available for the driver and front passenger, a sports logo on the back of a Land Rover. Style chair naturally improves ride comfort and support during the most difficult terrain. Integrated, the center of the stitch line is also visible on the head and took place in the current standard Land Rover Defender.

EU5 2.2-liter diesel engine replaced EU4 2.4-liter diesel engine in 2012, for his power, torque and fuel, while the full acoustic engine cover replaces the previous splash cover, reducing radiated engine noise and improving driving clarification. GFT MT 82 six-speed transmission has a great value for the distribution of high Top Gear for cruises and lower scan speed potential. Lower first gear offers low crawl rate does drag on the road and the road a lot easier. At Land transfers in both the gearbox and transfer box help contribute to the refinement of the transmission. Facia Land Rover Defender is still based on a large casting supports robust steel rail to help eliminate squeaks and rattles.

A powerful heating and ventilation system is designed to handle the most extreme weather conditions and features aluminum plate and fin heat exchangers to deliver impressive performance. 110 Station Wagon, 110 Double Cab Pick Up and 130 Crew Cab model can comfortably accommodate three passengers on the asymmetrically split second row. Derivatives Station Wagon is spring assisted fold mechanism helps when folding the seats and in the behavior of large or awkward loads. Land Rover Defender 90 Station Wagon second row occupants benefit from a few people, full-size, forward-facing rear seats. Providing an excellent level of comfort, these places are also available as a third row option on the 110 Station Wagon.

Seat finishes are durable all vinyl and fabric specifications, and standard leather seat option and new places premium. The unique architecture of the car Land Rover Defender remains unchanged.
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