Lada XRay Concept (2012)


Car Barn Sport | Lada XRay Concept (2012) | Big companies like GM, seem to have trouble keeping new model leak under control. The X-Ray as Lada SUV called this concept, it is nothing like any other SUV ever produced and is seen as belonging to a lineup of world production. The style of this crossover SUV is not something you would expect to see a car maker like Lada budget. He, however, show how the eyes of Lada's in the future, making the car more elegant, offering a wide range. Ships Xray an exterior very stylish, with a pair of long, thin, horizontally mounted headlights that seem integrated into the front grille. The front grille features horizontal blinds, giving a very high-end radiography.



The side profile of the x-ray looks almost like a Ford Focus with steroids, as their shallow raked windshield swoops a sleek roofline. The front and rear fender bodylines quarts don flowing into the center of the truck, then down and back at an acute angle, giving your character a little side profile added. You will notice the side view that this model only has a couple of doors, no hidden back door, like the Nissan Juke. Ultimately, it could harm his actions as an SUV. The rear of the Lada is one of the sharpest we've seen from a compact SUV. It has a couple of hockey stick taillights and a rear bumper insert has openings for flow dual trapezoidal exhaust tip. This insert has a long insertion and silver in the top plate and two L-shaped pieces around the exhaust tip.

The interior of the Lada is surprisingly elegant, but simple. The steering wheel rim has a dark brown, silver and three positions brown center that matches the color of the seat. There are a handful of control buttons on the steering wheel, but nothing too big. The panel has a whitish color by inserting a black seat and adjust. The center console is decorated in the same color and black seat, but throws in some silver accents on the shifter and a metal bar on the passenger side of the console. Apparently, this SUV Crossover probably receive most of their competition Nissan Juke. Most likely, this concept will donate a matter of style to another nearby Lada vehicles and never see the light of day itself.

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