Lexus RX 450h F Sport (2013)


Car Barn Sport | Lexus RX 450h F Sport (2013) | Otherwise mild hybrids, which use the electric motor for extra easily monitor the performance of gasoline engine, the RX 450h a full hybrid, adjustable both in the gas and electric mode, alone or in a combination of both. It combines fuel efficiency and reduced emissions benefits of a hybrid series with the advantages of the acceleration of a parallel hybrid. It uses a series / parallel hybrid system, using a highly efficient V6 petrol engine and two powerful electric motors working in tandem with an 'intelligent' four-wheel power capacity. The 3.5-liter DOHC petrol engine is specially adapted for use in hybrid drive. Selectable driving modes, Eco, EV, and snow sports, further improving the fuel efficiency of the system and its performance. EV mode is available only with the full capacity of the hybrid Lexus Hybrid Drive is not available to drivers of mild hybrid vehicles, the car can be driven by electric power alone, with minimal noise and zero CO2 and NOx emissions.

Provides high speed boating comfort and tranquility of a premium sedan, handling and agility on winding roads and the electric four-wheel drive, stable performance and tenacious. Electronically controlled suspension (standard on the Premier) gives the driver a series of institutions vehicle with four height in a range of 60 mm and is automatically reduced when traveling at high speed to the aerodynamic performance, stability and fuel consumption optimization. In the vehicle, the design of the cockpit has many advanced features. The dashboard is divided into two distinct zones: an upper display, which the Head-Up Display and an eight-inch LCD multi-display contains, and a lower zone of operation, the system controls such as the steering wheel contains more information about the switch and control Remote Touch.

The Lexus RX 450h marked the debut of the Remote Touch control, an integral part of the navigation of Lexus. The information is blank for perfect clarity in all conditions, and includes the vehicle speed, turn-by-turn navigation instructions, audio information and, where appropriate, the Adaptive Cruise Control and Pre-Crash Safety System status the . A multi-information switch on the steering wheel allows the driver to activate and many features of the vehicle and to adapt computer without taking your hands off the wheel. Other key features include an intelligent voice system and automatic start moving the driver's seat and steering wheel for easy entry and exit, two-speed electric windows and a high-efficeincy dual-zone climate control. Lexus is based on the high standards set in-car hi-fi, with three powerful audio systems for the RX 450h.

Using the hard drive navigation system, the audio system is equipped with a system of 'sound library' that Compact Disc Database technology makes use of the transfer and storage of up to 10GB of music files. The RX 450h Pre-Crash Safety (PCS) - Premier degree option - a reference point for the anticipation, prevention. If the driver does not brake and a collision is unavoidable, the Pre-Crash Brake automatically brakes to reduce impact speed. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) works in tandem with PCS at speeds between 31 and 106 mph (50-170 km / h), to automatically maintain the selected distance from the vehicle ahead, and return to the original cruising speed of a Once the road is now free.Lexus Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM) system processes the data of the status of vehicle sensors located by car, the integration of the operation of the ABS, traction control (TRC), Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and electronic brake control (ECB), the electric power steering, and the coordination of the control of the Lexus Hybrid Drive and electric wheel drive systems.

The unit of power control is essential for high speeds of Lexus Hybrid Drive. It combines a number of essential functions, including raising the battery voltage from 288 to 650V DC conversion of the hybrid battery voltage from DC to AC to power the traction motors, control motor / generator operation, and the conversion of the battery voltage hybrid 14V to power accessories and charge the auxiliary battery. PCU power losses by more than 10 percent to improve fuel economy. Changes in the switching frequency of the switching operation reduce switching losses and improve fuel during use frequencies above the noise inverter. During each trip, the Lexus full hybrid system to operate in different modes to maximize overall efficiency.

At low engine efficiency instance startup or low speed between the vehicle turns the electric motor alone, allowing CO2 and NOx emissions. In normal driving conditions, the distribution of power is constantly adjusted between the engine and the electric motor for optimum performance combined with maximum fuel efficiency. In a unique feature of the RX 450h Lexus Hybrid Drive, the rear wheels are driven by a second electric motor with a "smart" electric four-wheel power capacity. Controlled by the dynamics of the vehicle Integrated Management (VDIM), in collaboration with the PCU, four-wheel drive automatically constantly tweaked front and rear torque of the electric motor at full acceleration (both stationary gears) during cornering and when the front wheels lose traction.

During deceleration and under braking, the motor is switched off and the two electric motors work as generators, high output, driven by four wheels. This regenerative braking system optimizes energy economy recover from the kinetic energy that would normally be disposed of in the heat of electrical energy for storage in the high performance battery. The Lexus Hybrid Drive system is controlled at all speeds for optimum performance and fuel efficiency with minimum emissions, and drive electric motors in itself, the motor insulation, or a combination of both. The RX 450h Premier features a new design, electronic air suspension system. This magazine has a construction that combines pneumatic cylinder with high capacity shock absorbers for ride comfort flat, soft, with a superior road holding. Four mounting heights are available, selected via a switch command from the driver's seat: Normal, High (30 mm), Low (-20mm,-5mm rear) and a loading mode (-30mm), available only when the vehicle is stationary .

If the highway, the system will automatically lower the suspension at a height equal to the low position of the aerodynamics, stability and improving fuel economy. The front suspension uses MacPherson struts with integrated dampers cylinder. A multi-leaf linear control valve, the characteristics of the damping force improved, contributing to better comfort, maneuverability and stability. The rear suspension is independent damper / spring layout. The air in the compressor is dehumidified to avoid freezing of the system in cold weather, with air dehumidified refilling the system each time the vehicle is loweredApart from the measures to the NVH related to the refined design, build and ultra-quiet Lexus Hybrid Drive system suppression, has made significant improvements in the high-speed wind noise reduction is achieved using a three-layer built acoustic windshield, high performance sealing door seals and rubber cap. Full use of high quality materials for sound insulation around the engine compartment and the passenger rigorously suppressed road and engine noise.

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