Chevrolet Cruze Holden from Walkinshaw Performance (2012)

Car Barn Sport | Chevrolet Cruze Holden from Walkinshaw Performance (2012) | U.S. carmaker Chevrolet has problems with the sale of the wagon and sedan Cruze Cruze in the U.S., which gives them a little makes "frustrated. the gasoline engine as the basis of the Australian Holden Cruze SRIV series II model with 1.4 liter 4-cylinder turbo has ite power.

The standard model can be developed by a supercharged 1.4-liter Ecotec engine, 241 horsepower and 229 lb ft of torque after the changes, meaning that 180 kW to 103 kW driven. In summary, the yield Holden Walkinshaw 75% power and torque is 55% more.

The engineers also provided updated Walkinshaw Performance improved suspension and braking system. Unfortunately, the price of the new Holden Cruize Walkinshaw Performance has not been made public yet. The hot hatchback the first Australian Cruize Cruize with updates from Walkinshaw Performance team is available. 

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