Alfa Romeo Giulia (2014)

Car Barn Sport | Alfa Romeo Giulia (2014) | Many reports circulating in the community, that the Italian car maker will have a new sports car prdouk that says this car to be released in 2014 as a feature to give the machine is not very different from other cars of its form, but more special, which will be provided in this car, which is to meet the needs of users want to know? After his review 

A two-door roadster inspired by the iconic Duetto and jointly developed by Mazda is expected that shortly after the Giulia sedan published and sold alongside it in the United States. Alfa Romeo Giulia nameplate on 27 June 1962 as the start of the Giulia TI, a four-door sedan with a twin overhead camshaft four-cylinder engine was fitted. During 1960 the name appeared on a variety of models, starting from the Bertone designed Giulia Sprint GT and Giulia Sprint GTA for the elusive SZ and Giulia Giulia Sprint Speciale models, just to name a few.

By the early 1970s, a large majority of the Giulia models of leak or any other name (the Giulia Sprint GT Veloce was known as the GTV), but the original Giulia sedan got a new plastic grille and not as the Giulia Nuova in 1977 .

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