Opel Astra Sedan (2013)


CARBARN | Opel Astra Sedan (2013) | Opel design team gave new Astra hatchback sedan is very stylish and elegant silhouette. Gently curving roof line above the passenger cabin, and then descends into a single sweep through the steeply raked rear window on the aerodynamic shape of the lips at the end of the short rear deck. The rear is dominated by steeply raked rear window spoiler deck, and a wide scope of molded bumper. Vice President of Design Mark Adams saidCustomers want their Opel Astra Sedan more visually appealing, can choose from a wide range of wheel designs up to 19 inches.

With its sporty, elegant design, the Astra a characteristic quality and a wide range of technology issues - some of them are unique, some of them unusual for a segment - a new compact Opel, four-door sedan aimed customers with high expectations. Advanced Forward Lighting (AFL +) with bi-xenon headlights and a variety of advanced features, including coverage of the variable light distribution, cornering light function and the high beam assistant significantly increase active safety. Flex Ride adaptive suspension damping system automatically adapts to the current driving situation and allows the driver to choose between three different modes - standard, comfort-oriented Tour mode and much more on sports mode. 

New Opel Astra four-door sedan is an important addition to the latest generation range Astra. In Western Europe, especially Germany and Spain, see Opel marketing experts growth opportunities for the new four-door model, elegant, a more affordable alternative to sedans from the upper segment. In addition, there is great demand for a compact sedan versions of the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe, particularly Russia and Turkey.  in all segments of more than 60 percent of all sedans sold in Europe are sold in Russia. Last year, the compact car segment, 51 percent of local customers have the sedan version. Russia is also the third largest market for the Astra in Europe.

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