McLaren MP4-12C (2013)

CARBARN | McLaren MP4-12C (2013) | A number of updates for the McLaren MP4-12C Specification October 2012 includes improvements engine and transmission, functional addition to other features. The emphasis on the development of power systems engineers McLaren Automotive in the 3.8-liter McLaren MP4-12C was in the twin-turbo V8 to increase with the release of 600hp (592hp) up to 625PS (616hp). McLaren MP4-12C features an innovative sound production consumption (ISG). A stunning new high-quality color will be added to the list of options for the new McLaren MP4-12C. The new design of the wheels and cut it into several types of wheels will be invited to future McLaren MP4-12C owners. Wheel Diamond Cut finish first in Graphite Grey finish, and then cut to reveal a fake metal surface. 

Exclusive new McLaren MP4-12C interior was by McLaren Automotive in the 2013 model year 12CS, the higher quality and more natural texture of the skin than in the current MP4-12C is designed list of options. Pipeline is carbon black finish, when asked to McLaren orange, red or gray stone Ariza. The character of McLaren, the "Speed mark" is the official nickname is changed spending and are available in two new versions. On the front page of the luggage, the rear deck mounted, steering wheel and the wheel can easily revised rate of grade in Rocket Red / Silver specified standard or stealth / silver as an option.

now appear on the new McLaren MP4-12C, it embodies our core values of the product quickly and streamline the movement of a family tree a couple of World Cup-winning team of Formula 1 Result of the McLaren MP4-12C technology package will be available to existing customers appreciate the McLaren 12C (not applicable to vehicles registered in Japan). To date, McLaren Automotive has named 38 retailers in 22 countries around the world. Each distribution partner McLaren in the new global retail network currently existing contact 12C owners to all interested parties the opportunity to upgrade their current cars a revised specification. Sheriff Anthony said: "The revised productivity and technology package for the McLaren MP4-12C our determination and ability to drive a vehicle that has a standard sports car improve emphasizes and underlines our desire to customers, commitment to McLaren to prove I have found rewarding believe this action will strengthen the existing relationship. with customers and I look forward to building long term relationships with customers McLaren in the future.  Performance and practical improvements designed to improve the standard of innovative McLaren MP4-12C in the technical specification, in the Formula-1 DNA passes through each component.

Brake-Steer is a technology that determine the McLaren Formula 1 in 1997/98 MP4-12 racing cars and the ability of the McLaren MP4-12C introduced to the incredible lap times set, brakes the rear wheel of the vehicle when cornering, thus maintaining it can a perfect 12C "race track" on the fly. ProActive chassis control technology is a suspension of the owners of 12C for its unique ability to provide high quality executive car driving at any speed and on uneven road surfaces praised, but its network of interconnected hydraulic suspension, the level of control of clutch-and Roll change is available when the driver adjusts the "processing" McLaren MP4-12C through the "normal", "Sport" and "Track" mode. V8 with a combined fuel consumption of 24.2mpg (11.7 l/100 km), reachable from the 3.8-liter car with a light twin-turbo engine, McLaren MP4-12C offers owners the opportunity to enjoy high-performance sports car driving long distances and the amount of the environment than ever before.

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