Volkswagen And Bugster-Speedster Concept (2012)

CARBARN | Volkswagen And Bugster-Speedster Concept (2012) | Bugster? That sounds familiar. Sure: Ragster! This was in January 2005 in Detroit, where Volkswagen has filed a New Beetle Speedster as a swept-back ragtop (sunroof) - the Ragster. A vision of design for the Beetle of tomorrow - more large, low, sporty. The E-Bugster Volkswagen, which is equipped with LED headlamps, stands out even for highly customized bumper production of the Beetle: designers integrated daytime running lights on the left and right of the central air intake as bands of LED lights in a C -form (of course reflects on the right side). concept car was presented in Europe, this form of daytime running light has been a feature of Volkswagen studies of electric vehicles. The rear windshield of the E-Bugster shows that the rear windows of a speedster do not need to limit the visibility as the slots in the walls of the castle is extremely broad.

A speedster needs to swept-back windows and a low roof, and the Volkswagen E-Bugster them. The wheels under the fenders are widened by 20-inch 18-inch versions of the Beetle 'Twister', fitted with 235/35 R 20 tiresThe hard top of the 'Bug' extends in a low arc above this line chrome. Following the coverage - classic Speedster - is the upper edge of the side windows. The height between the bottom of the window chrome frame and the highest roof line is a low 400 mm. Sports seats and a center tunnel continues in the body color emphasize the sporty E-Bugster.

It begins as a pulse of light in the instrument panel shines from the light as a thin line of light, an inch wide, flowing in the door sills and air around the nozzles - a sort of waking vision of E-Bugster.

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