Lamborghini Urus Concept (2012)


CARBARN | Lamborghini Urus Concept (2012) | The Urus is the Lamborghini among SUVs. His approach places design, performance and driving pleasure a firm and uncompromising front and center and defines the standard for competitors. Most importantly, there is a real Lamborghini. The Lamborghini Urus has a unique, totally unique appearance. Together with its width of 1.99 meters, the Lamborghini Urus, the perfect proportions for the super sports car in the segment. The Urus is significantly lighter than its competitors, firmly to the Lamborghini-lightweight philosophy.  The Lamborghini Urus will set new standards here. A low center of gravity and a highly variable body height are among the solutions. The Lamborghini SUV is remarkably well known for its innovative, adaptive aerodynamics. In combination with the variable height makes the body height-adjustable front spoiler a good angle of approach and good obstacle clearance.

In combination with the equally adaptive rear spoiler, the aerodynamic balance of the Lamborghini Urus also be adapted adapted to the current driving situation. Lamborghini design is unique. Every Lamborghini is a masterpiece of avant-garde design, a technical sculpture in rapid motion. Every Lamborghini is clean and minimalist - shows a clear focus on the essentials. The Lamborghini Urus concept car adheres to this logic, as well as determine the Aventador sports car. The strong three-dimensionality with sharp lines, bold lines arrow, large air-intakes left and right, the Y-shape in the headlights, the aerodynamically sophisticated function of the elements and the lines running from the bonnet over the roof at the rear of the vehicle - These properties of the Lamborghini design language are all evident in the Urus.

LED daytime running lights give the fiber its characteristic Y-shape, while the LED fog lamps are positioned under the huge air intakes. Characteristic of the side view of the Lamborghini Urus is the narrow window surface which tapers strongly back. Together with the very dynamic roofline and extremely muscular rear wheel, they create a tight and powerful sporty look. Significant wheels are part of every Lamborghini, especially when it defines the dynamics in the SUV segment, new - the completely new 24-inch wheels sporting a double-spoke design and are forged in matt aluminum. Five carbon fiber winglets optimal ventilation. The Urus is painted in a rich, lustrous red light, the perfect contrast to the many body parts made of carbon fiber reinforced polymer offers. A large part of the front spoiler, side skirts and rear diffuser complete the mighty all clearly visible carbon fiber its origins. The rear end of the Lamborghini Urus Concept is surprisingly round for a Lamborghini, it looks powerful, but awkward in any way.

The attention to detail shows Lamborghini designers everywhere, even on the exhaust system. The four hexagonal exhaust tips are fitted carefully into Chrome The Lamborghini Urus fully defined the term sport in the SUV segment, but without them in their everyday use. Almost the entire interior is - in line with the lightweight Lamborghini strategy - that of carbon fiber reinforced polymer. Automobili Lamborghini has a unique expertise in the use of carbon materials, and displays this innovative technology in the Lamborghini Urus concept car. The center tunnel is remarkable - an open, skeletal structure made of carbon fiber composite-Forged ®. Single-pad, the four bucket seats covered. The Lamborghini Urus concept extremely well over a minimized operating philosophy. All other functions such as turn signals, lights and wipers are either integrated into the multifunction steering wheel or central console. The driver information is delivered via a programmable LCD screen behind the steering wheel.

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