Ultimate Jaguar XJ (2013)


CARBARN | Ultimate Jaguar XJ (2013) | The Jaguar XJ coupe introduced a spirit mouldbreaking design to its kind, where the established principle Jaguar lines long, intact features and its application to a form decidedly 21st century. Drastically different from its competitors, the aluminum XJ capture the essential elements of the design of Jaguar elegance, muscle, elegance and strength. Anyone who has followed a last Jaguar XJ will be the slightest doubt that the model is a cut above, and which is distinguished by the new oval exhaust pipes in polished stainless steel runners that echo the front air intakes and a plaque discrete metal 'Ultimate' below the XJ "nameplate.

Rear seat passengers are also provided with a wide range of entertainment options to enjoy while sipping champagne. The Ultimate Jaguar XJ is equipped as standard with rear-drive Jaguar seat entertainment package that comprises two eight-inch high-resolution screens mounted on the back of the headrests of the front seats. The rear seat environment, including entertainment, is run by a remote control located in the center console that also allows passengers to change their individual climate zones and seat heating and cooling functions. To underscore its intention to ensure that passengers remain pampered at all times, the Jaguar XJ Ultimate revisions has air suspension rear suspension for optimized ride compliance.

The aluminum architecture offers advantages in terms of emissions and fuel consumption, allowing the XJ to provide a striking balance of performance and frugality of its range of high efficiency motors, refined and muscular. The latest XJ will be offered with the current and acclaimed 5.0-liter Jaguar V8 supercharged gasoline and diesel the equally highly regarded 3.0-liter V6 turbo.

The Ultimate Jaguar XJ will also be offered with a new 3.0-liter supercharged V6 gasoline being introduced to the range for model year 2013. This engine, which in the last Jaguar XJ will produce 340PS and 450Nm, is based on the award-winning technology inherent Jaguar V8 engine offering similar performance to the naturally aspirated version of the engine (not available in the last XJ), but emissions and fuel economy benefits of a V6.

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