Spyker D8 P2P 2012


Car Barn Sport | Spyker D8 P2P 2012 | By showing the concept of P2P D12 (Peking to Paris) in the Geneva Motor Show 2006, the Dutch manufacturer Spyker car, I had no idea. In 2012, the increase Spyker. After we complained to GM brand Saab about $ 3 billion, Spyker quickly to provide a partner for many brands and build a stronger foundation to find. Youngman, Chinese companies also joined the investment of $ 12.5 million or $ 119 1000000000-1 29.9 percent interest to get.

The existence of this product has been designed to create a benchmark in the development of Spyker Saab as a result of the recession, but also a flashback Spyker, a car, sportcar be next to hers. The face, the Audi car with 500 hp W12 engine, many rounded impression is appointed. Far sports, although the design of suicide door (open in the opposite direction). Rope cooperation, there are many other objectives are achieved," said Youngman CEO Pang Qingnian.

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