Subaru XV Cross Trek (2013)

CARBARN | Subaru XV Cross Trek (2013) | Subaru Forester is 4.1 inches taller one's own, 4.3 inches longer and wider than the non-cross trek, its success will likely depend on how many sales he can cannibalize from the former. The XV will cost a bit more than the Forester, but there is less consumption of its 2.0-liter flat-four larger than the car looks its 2.5.  The car will be at 25 mpg in the city and 33 on the highway rated with a five-speed manual transmission and 27/36 with the optional CVT. That's a bit better than the Forester's garden 21/27 mpg (of course the turbo Forester gets worse fuel economy, in 19/24 mpg).

The cross Trek The interior is identical to the Impreza Hatch unpacked it on the same 23 cubic meters load volume with the rear seats. The larger car also significantly improved XV passenger compartment, front with two more cubic feet and a significant additional eight-49 to 41-in the back. Both the base Forester and XV boast 8.7 inch ground clearance, or three more than a normal Impreza. Three inches make a big difference when fording deep snow often in heavy Subaru markets such as the North East, North West and the Rocky Mountain states found As in the new Impreza, the XV-house is four a disappointment.

Like the Impreza, turns eagerly to the XV and is responsible, if pushed. Outside the Subaru showroom, which has few natural competitors XV. For the year 2012, a base Impreza hatch is 18 745, a base Forester is $ 21,370. Both are offered in three trim levels, but Subaru tells us it will probably offer the XV alone in the two upper trim levels, Premium and Limited. At about $ 22,500, the premium XV be a few grand more than the equivalent Impreza and a bit less than the Forester 2.5 Premium. Subaru also let us taste the diesel-XV, it will offer in Europe.

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