Dodge Ram 1500 (2013)

CARBARN | Dodge Ram 1500 (2013) | Major changes under the hood of the new 2013 Ram 1500 will contribute to best-in-class fuel economy and significant increases in power and performance with the Chrysler Group's award-winning Pentastar 3.6-liter V-6 engine with the first use of a combined eight-speed TorqueFlite 8 transmission in a pickup truck. Coupled with the debut of an eight-speed gearbox, select Ram 1500 models is a new start-stop function that automatically switches off the engine when the truck comes to a standstill offer, to save fuel. The new eight-speed automatic transmission 8HP45 is the new standard for the transmission Ram 1500 V-6. For HEMI ® V-8 - equipped Ram 1500 models that have a higher torque capacity version 8HP70 in the first quarter of 2013 are available. Owners appreciate an innovative rotating e-layer dial for trucks with the new 8-speed TorqueFlite column, both the soil and replace shifter fitted.

Fully electronic feature, both the 8HP45 8HP70 and change gears on-the-fly shifting map. To optimize more than 40 individual displacement maps for specific conditions shift quality and shift points for fuel economy, performance and driveability. Additional parameters included in the control strategy includes cruise control, electronic stability control and interaction of temperature. Driving at low speeds also helps effectively reduce emissions by almost 11 percent. Internally identical gear ratios in the two 8HP45 8HP70 and used gear. Gear changes are almost imperceptible by the evenly spaced gear steps between each gear. Internally, both transmissions have four gear sets and five shift elements (multi-disc clutches and brakes).  High efforts to shift gear selection have to be controlled by a shift-by-wire system is eliminated. The calibration is also improved for smoother shifting in garages or parking.

For 2013 we saw align with available technologies and systems with the aim of greatly improving fuel economy," said Fred Diaz, President and CEO Ram truck brand and Chrysler de Mexico Chrysler Group LLC. "The Ram 1500 continues to build Exclusives segment and provides everything customers expect in a modern truck, while delivering best-in-class fuel efficiency, more technology, innovation and features." The front fascia of the 2013 Ram 1500 was expanded, creating a downward 0.6 percent improvement in fuel consumption.  A new wheel-to-wheel tubular side-step design offers aerodynamic improvements over the current version, as the air around the truck to pass more smoothly. The improvement adds 0.5 percent to fuel efficiency, allowing customers easy access to the front of the truck bed. Selected models for 2013 Ram 1500 offer an exclusive segment, standard, tri-folding lockable cover.

Ram Truck brand designers started with the Ram grille, so it is not only bigger - with the same overall width but about an inch bigger "trailed" under the new top cover for a more integrated look.  The Ram 1500 is the most popular design on the road today and we want to preserve this claim," said Joe Dehner, Director of Dodge Ram Truck and Design, Product Design Office - Chrysler Group LLC. Four new grille design are on the 2013 Ram 1500th ST, SLT and R / T have a new shape in Black "hex-link" design. The Laramie model features the "Hex-Perf" texture in Chrome and Laramie Longhorn offers an upscale "Wave mesh" texture. The new front bumper design supports the saddled Ram grille theme with new vertically oriented front fog lamps for better light distribution, distance and brightness. Larger openings to the front tow hooks (four-wheel-drive models) allow for easy access to the hook. The bumper is available in four different versions for each model - satin black, body-colored, two-color or chrome accents. The 2013 Ram 1500 quad headlight design has light distribution pattern consistency, improved distance and 30 percent more lumens.

The new lamp is standard on Sport (with unique black bezels) and Laramie Longhorn, while optional on Laramie. The Ram's design team carefully crafted the interior bezel and housing to create a visually entertaining, but to create functional piece of hardware. Each model is equipped with Ram 1500 new wheel designs, the "gusset" theme from the Ram grille installed.  For 2013, the Ram 1500 12 different colors, including five new hues. The new, polished stainless steel running boards have a solid looking box section design with a hexagonal profile design. Front and rear custom end caps with "Ram" logo. Also, the new wheel to wheel design footboard aerodynamic improvements over the current version and provides customers with improved access to the front of the truck bed. A new 6-foot 4-inch bed option is now available on Crew Cab models offer customers the opportunity, Ram 1500, the largest cabin available with the largest available beds combined. A brand new premium rear light is standard for sports (with unique black finish) and Laramie Longhorn, optional on Laramie. The stop / tail / turn functions consist of 15 red LEDs with three red LEDs for side marker lamps. For 2013, new features and technologies, an opportunity for a newly designed interior with material upgrades, improved fit and finish, complete new interior theme with different colors and materials, all new HVAC controls and new multi-media systems. The 2013 Ram 1500 also features an exclusive eight-speed transmission with a new rotary-e-layer dial design.

"The 2013 Ram 1500 gave us the opportunity to an already best-in-class interior building, while the integration of new technologies and features," said Klaus Busse, Director of Interior Design - Chrysler Group LLC. Contact points with a priority, new premium materials, colors and designs now on all four doors. Soft-touch materials and improve upper arm pads with expanded use of premium finishes. ST is available in black / diesel interior. SLT is in Canyon Brown / light frost or black / diesel available and the Sport model with all-black materials. Stepping up to Laramie able to select customers from all over the canyon black or brown / light frost. Laramie Longhorn Cattle has new Tan / Brown or Black Canyon / options light frost. The 2013 Ram 1500 offers the next generation 8.4-inch Uconnect ® system with background screens on certain models of ramp and topics tailored. To complement the range of the Ram 1500 models, the interior design team created innovative and custom themes with different colors and materials. SLT offers premium anodized Driftwood color with satin-chrome accents. Diesel Sport uses dark anodized with Black Light Chrome and Piano Black finish for a "street truck" feeling. Laramie Longhorn is now offering real burl walnut inserts in Canyon Brown or tan colored cattle. The HVAC system includes a redundant architecture allows the operator to either the 8.4-inch touch screen, or use manual controls to change the vehicle and its environment.

The bottom row is for "convenience" controls, and includes: lower air suspension, heated steering wheel, heated seats and ventilated seats. The new features drawer 12-volt power outlets on both sides and an optional powered USB on the driver's side. The Ram 1500's new, exclusive-class eight-speed transmission produces replace the need for an innovative e-rotary-selector in the cockpit, the center console shifter gate - a first for pickups. Two designs were created for the new dial. ST, SLT and Sport have a black rubber over molding with chrome surround, while all models Laramie sound, spun-aluminum knob are finished in silver. The transfer case retains full capacity with LED-illuminated "4WD Auto", "4WD Lock", "4WD Low", "2WD" and "Neutral" button directly under the I-Shift is. So far, only on premium models, the 3.5-inch screen vehicle information center is now standard on ST and SLT and shows vehicle operating functions. The new thin-film transistor (TFT), 7-inch screen is now available on SLT, standard on Sport and Laramie models Longhorn.  With the console shifter out of the way, offering all the 2013 Ram 1500 trucks with bucket seats, additional storage capacity in place. For models without the eight-speed gearbox and E-layer, a floor or column shifter is available. Two new steering wheels are available. Electronic Range Select for the new eight-speed gearbox is on the front side, right side. Optional on the SLT and standard on Sport models is a leather wheel with black or brown painted bezel Canyon. Laramie a leather steering wheel with anodized finish in black or brown Canyon and Laramie Longhorn has a silver bezel Pebble, two-tone wood-and two-tone stitching in black or brown canyon. Premium steering wheels offer a heating option. Seating and colors are feeling rich, darker colors, upgraded including a new premium cloth material. SLT is available in Dark Brown and Black Slate and Canyon with light frost door panels. Sport and Laramie models are equipped with all black; Laramie models offer light frost leather and Canyon Brown. Laramie Longhorn Cattle Tan leather seats available or Canyon Brown. new bucket seat console uses the extra space as additional storage space. Folding back the center console and center front seat reveals a large storage compartment, the CD player is housed. Finally, new for 2013, all models Ram 1500 Sapphire Blue LED lighting and switch on the rear view mirror.

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